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<nettime-ann> Coal Fired Computers talk: Power, Art and Media

Harwood and Jean Demars in conversation with Matthew Fuller.

Tuesday 1st June 2010, 7pm - 9pm
SPACE, 129-131 Mare Street, Hackney, London
Book here: http://coalfiredcomputers.eventbrite.com/

Whilst we take in the shape of government, the politics of power takes on a new meaning as Harwood, Jean Demars and Matthew Fuller discuss the Coal Fired Computer Project and the implications layered under dusty marvels of everyday bits and bytes. Global fuel reliance, the price of a computer measured against the lives of 318,000 miners with choked up lungs, stark reality with no escape unless we begin to think. Empathy leads to action. Attend the talk. Read more...

Graham Harwood (YoHa and Mongrel) and Jean Demars talk to Matthew Fuller ( author of Media Ecologies: Materialist Energies in Art and Technoculture) about the Coal Fired Computers project recently commissioned as part of AV Festival in Newcastle.

Over three days at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle, in collaboration with Jean Demars and groups of coal miner activists, Coal Fired Computers articulated relations between Power, Art and Media. The new work by leading UK media artists Harwood and Yokokoji (YoHa) responded to the displacement of coal production to distant lands like India and China after the UK miners' strike in 1984/85. Coal Fired Computers reflects on the complexities of our global fossil fuel reliance and especially on how coal transforms our health as we have transformed it. Today coal produces 42% of the world¹s electricity, and in many countries this rate is much higher (more than 70% in India and China).


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SPACE is London's original radical artist support organization. Set up in East London in 1968 to provide affordable studio space for visual artists. Alongside this core support for artists we host exhibitions, courses and events including those with a focus on new media and technology, wherever possible offering these for free.

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