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<nettime-ann> Playing at Linger Cafe in Brooklyn this Sunday - Come!


We're playing at Linger Cafe in Brooklyn this Sunday - Come if you can!

- Alan, Azure, Myk -

The AMA group - Myk Freedman, Alan Sondheim, and Azure Carter - will
perform at Linger, May 23rd, at 5 pm. Their music is improvised, drawing
on a number of traditions, but emphasizing pushing the instruments to the
limit.  Carter sings (her own pieces) against a backdrop of free music;
Freedman plays lap steel and steel-string guitar, and Sondheim plays
electric oud and saz, cura cumbus, hegelung and guitar.

533 Atlantic Avenue / Btwn 3rd & 4th Avenues / Brooklyn, NY 11217 /

Contact: / Web:

(You can also contact me for further info - Alan)
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