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<nettime-ann> LEA ONLINE EXHIBITIONS: AUTUMN 2010 Paul Catanese & Jane Prophet


Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) is pleased to announce its new programme of digital media exhibitions.

Operating across LEAâs social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, these distributed online exhibitions will become part of the LEA web archives. Encouraging a playful and expansive mode of discourse, the adopted format provides artists with the opportunity to devise, recreate or represent a portfolio of artworks, processes or ideas sequentially over a month-long series of images or frames. Our inaugural season was launched this autumn featuring projects by Paul Catanese and Jane Prophet.

Our current online exhibition is âExplorations of Structureâ by Jane Prophet which is being released over the month of October. In this portfolio of images, Jane Prophet takes previously completed art works and re-evaluates them as explorations of structure. Prophet uses innovative media combined with a traditional aesthetics, to address issues related to the use of scientific methods and technologies in creating art. This can be seen in her use of elements derived from fractal mathematics to the treatment of politics of landscape. She demonstrates through her works, which exist in a variety of forms, the ability to fascinate the audience with innovative aesthetics.Â

Follow the Jane Prophet exhibition on Facebook:Â, Flickr:Â, and Twitter:Â

This past September, the LEA Online Exhibition Platform was inaugurated with the exhibition âVisible from Spaceâ by Paul Catanese. Research and development for âVisible from Spaceâ was supported by a month-long residency in June 2010 at the Goldwell Open Air Museum, just outside of Death Valley. The exhibition was accompanied by an engaging interview with the artist Paul Catanese and the curators Vinze Dziekan and Lanfranco Aceti.

Visit the Paul Catanese exhibition archive on Flickr:Â

LEA International Curatoriate:

Curator:ÂVince Dziekan, Ph.D. (Monash University) Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Art & Design, Monash University Melbourne & FACT Associate, Foundation for Art & Creative Technology Liverpool. â

Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti (Goldsmiths College and Sabanci University) and Christiane Paul (The New School and Whitney Museum of American Art).

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For more information contact: âOzden Sahin,Â

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