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<nettime-ann> images of global politics (Game related)

Hi everyone,

Please respond to and i'll be willing to share the list with anyone that asks.

I'm looking for the images of global, world, or international politics that are canonical to your mind.  Keep in mind that these things can be intensely local, so I'm asking for as many thing as you can imagine that you think you would share with people from your community/ies as you imagine them.   

This is for a project that I'm working on in the Spring that will integrate video/images/texts/ and videogames into a course on global politics targeted at freshmen and sophomores.  I've found that most of my undergraduate students haven't even seen the Tiananmen square tank video, images from the Bhopal disaster, the Challenger explosion, and a myriad of other highly symbolic videos that have influenced world events.  Some have seen video of the fall of the Berlin wall, and such, but none had seen the canonical picture of President Richard Nixon and Elvis (which is sort of symbolic of the transformation of the role of global leaders in the media age).  It doesn't have to be explicetly politics either, because media and civil society events have had significant effect too

So if you would send me your list of images, televised, from newspapers, from the internet, or otherwise mediated to you.  I don't need urls, i just need the Event.  I would be most grateful.

Note this project is for teaching, not research, the contents of your emails will be compiled and anonymized and shared with whomever asks for copies. As such, none of your personal information will be published or otherwise disseminated in any manner.  

Please send them to  (it is actually a gmail address, so if you want to avoid sending things to gmail, don't send, i'm using it because it has better spam filters, not that you are going to send me spam, but that the address will be public and thus be spammed by spammers)

Thanks and if you want a copy of the list ask off list.

Jeremy Hunsinger
Political Science
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
Virginia Tech

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--Mark Twain

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