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<nettime-ann> "Data-driven humanities: analyzing 1, 000, 000 manga images" Lecture at Calit2

The gallery@calit2 invites you to a lecture by Lev Manovich, Jeremy
Douglass and William Huber at the Calit2 Auditorium this Friday,
December 3, at 5pm, followed by a reception at the gallery 6pm-8pm.

"Data-driven humanities: analyzing 1,000,000 manga images"

Lev Manovich, Jeremy Douglass and William Huber show how they use
computational tools to investigate patterns in a collection of
1,000,000 images. Each image is a single manga page. While the project
is uncovering fascinating things about manga culture, its overall goal
is to understand how digital image analysis and interactive
supervisualization of "large cultural data" can be used in the
humanities and social sciences, including art history, communication,
film and media studies, game studies, and sociology. The lecture will
discuss the project's key findings and demonstrate practical
techniques and software tools developed by the lab.

"One million manga images" is one of several projects by Software
Studies Initiative shown in the exhibition "Mapping Time" at the
gallery@calit2 which runs until December 10.

More information:

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