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<nettime-ann> Call for Work: Studio 27 presents âReinterpreting Gothicâ

Call for Work: Studio 27 presents âReinterpreting Gothicâ

For the upcoming Big Muddy Film Festival at Southern Illinois University, we are curating a special out-of-competition screening on âThe Gothic.â For this program, we are looking for experimental films and videos (under 30 minutes) that explore the gothic in innovative ways. This would include any work that deals with such issues as: death, deviance, the uncanny, ruins, fragmented bodies, the excessive, the grotesque, the abject, psychologically charged sites, the supernatural, the horrific, the macabre, and borders of sanity, propriety, or reality. We are especially interested in projects that use the gothic to explore social issues, identity, or that draw attention to the intersections between the gothic and other genres.

Please send us a prescreening copy of your work on playable DVD (or provide us a URL where we can stream or download a high quality preview).  All submissions must include a brief project synopsis, artist statement, and contact information (email address, phone number). Address your submission to:

Wago Kreider, Radio-TV Dept.
Southern Illinois University
1100 Lincoln Drive
Carbondale, Il 62901

Deadline for receipt of submissions is January 26th, 2011
For more information contact us at: jessicaallee@studio27.org

Studio 27 is a US based curatorial team that hosts public screenings of film and video by artists working in experimental, documentary, and short narrative genres. Programs are usually curated from an international call for work and often include a range of film and video from established and emerging artists. Primary goals of the group are to offer programming of experimental and artist-made films/videos to the general public for free and to provide international representation of moving image art to a North American audience.

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