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<nettime-ann> Fwd: [NetBehaviour] Network Music Festival - open call

Hopefully of interest to some on this list:

Network Music Festival

27-29 January

Birmingham, UK

The Network Music Festival will take place in January 2012 in
Birmingham (UK) in the heart of Birmingham’s creative community.
Presenting a diverse programme of laptop performances, live coding,
communicating home-made musical gadgets, sound installations,
workshops and everything else in between, the Network Musical Festival
boasts an international line-up including some of Birmingham’s best
home-grown hi-tech musical performers. We are looking for proposals
for performances, talks, installations, demos and workshops.

Open Call

DEADLINE: 30th November 2011

Network Music Festival aims to showcase a broad spectrum of musical
and sound related works, research and participatory activities which
use networking as part of their aesthetic, creation or performance
practice. Network Music Festival would like to invite submissions in
the categories of Performance (Concert or Club), Installation, Talks,
Demos and Workshops. We are also open to other suggestions, where you
are free to submit proposals that fall outside of the above categories
but that you feel would be an appropriate addition to the festival


Performances where networking in an integral part of the aesthetics or
performance practice. This could include: Laptop
Ensembles/Orchestras/Bands, Instrumental and Electronic groups;
Performances which use the internet as part of the performance; any
performance that use networking in some form.

Proposed performances should be 10-30 minutes in length.


Sound installations which use networking as central to the aesthetic
and/or creation of the work. Could include static installations or
installations which explore the surrounding area.

// TALKS //

We will be accepting submissions for informal talks, accompanied by
slideshow presentations. Talk topics should be suitable for the
general public.

// DEMOS //

The Network Music Festival will include an interactive hands-on
session where festival attendees can try-out or see your hardware or
software network music device/installation/toys/etc in action.

The session will be in the form of a market-place. You will be
provided with a small space with a table where you can set up your
tech for attendees to look at and have a go.


Participatory workshops which cover topics related to sound and
networking. May focus on technological and/or artistic aspects. Please
note this is a submission to LEAD a workshop.

Please state the experience level required in order to take part in
the workshop and the length of time and resources required in workshop

// OTHER //

If there’s anything that you would like to submit that you don’t feel
is covered by the above categories but would be an appropriate
addition to the festival programme, please submit a proposal with as
much information as possible.


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