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<nettime-ann> [London] DIY Micro Video Transmitter Workshop | 17/09/12


DIY Micro Video Transmitter Workshop

(Designed by Tetsuo Kogawa -

Tetsuo Kogawa's micro video transmitter design is a bizarre device. It is
essentially a very basic and extremely unstable analog video transmitter
capable of transmitting any signal to a TV up to ranges of about 20
meters. Though it use for practical transmission purposes is limited, its
true potential lies in the instabilities and idiosyncrasies of each one
built. The resulting transmitted video becomes malleable and is able to be
distorted and warped by tuning and bending the transmitter allowing for a
wide range of abstract video processing and generation.

The build itself is very simple and can be accomplished by anyone on any
skill level. The supplied kits come with all the components needed and
everyone will walk away with their own transmitter.

~~~~~Workshop leader:
Kyle Evans (MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

~~~~~~Booking / Cost / Dates / Location
Workshop cost is Â25 which includes all materials which participants keep

To book a place please email

Limited to 15 participants

12 midday - 5pm, Monday 17th September, 2012

Unit 73a, Regent Studios, 8 Andrew's Road, London, E8 4QN

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