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Title: Semi-Permanent
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Semi-Permanent Auckland - Workshop Programme Announced

In addition to the Semi Permanent weekend programme over 3 and 4 July, we are proud to be collaborating with Spark Lab on the Art + Design Month

This month-long series of inspiring workshops from world leading creatives begins July 1. A diverse range of hands-on, specialist works are scheduled, with such local and international creatives as Andrew Gordon, Michael Beirut, Yuri Suzuki, Jessica Walsh, Evan Roth, Think & Shift, Gemma O’Brien, Derek Henderson, Mat Bogust, Kelly Thompson and more.

With further Spark Lab workshops and presentations soon to be announced, don’t miss out on this chance to learn directly from renowned artist and thinkers.

Semi Permanent is a platform for inspiration and experimentation across all creative disciplines. You can find the full programme, details on Spark Lab and information on speakers


Semi-Permanent New Zealand 2015
03 & 04 July, Victory Convention Centre

As one of our beloved mailing list subscribers, you get 20% off all tickets. Use code spakl#.


2015 Workshop Programme Announced





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