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[Nettime-bold] Through The Looking Glass online Opens!

Through the Looking Glass
Contemporary Digital and Technological Art

Gallery Exhibition:
April 15th through April 30th, 2000,
The Beachwood Center for the Arts, 25511 Fairmount Blvd.

Online Exhibition
May 1st, 2000 to April 15th, 2001 (minimum)

                 Digital prints, an interactive sound grid, neon sculpture, kinetics, generative music.  These are the arts at the turn-of-the-millennium.  Those familiar with the Internet experience
technological media all the time, but collectors, museums, and galleries are beginning to appreciate the growing use of technological media in the fine arts. The Beachwood Arts Council presents Through the Looking Glass, a survey of the creative potential within current technological advances.  The gallery show featured mixed-media 'paintings', CD-ROM installations, neon sculptures and interactive sound environments.  And with the closure of the gallery exhibition on April 30, the online portion of the exhibiton becomes central, located at http// where the works of over 80 of the world's most prominent gallery and Internet artists with noted cultural theorists are featured.  In addition, the online component includes a virtual recreation of the Beachwood Center for the Arts gallery and "exhibits", allowing visitors to see the layout of the physical exhibition.  

Additional plans may include an online forum to discuss issues of contemporary art practice in technological media, contingent on response to the exhibit.

Curator Patrick Lichty is a conceptual media artist and cultural theorist whose solo and collaborative works have been presented at the Walker Art Center, New York Digital Salon, ZKM Karlsruhe and the Whitney Biennial.  He brings noted artists such as Mark Amerika, Natalie Bookchin, Shu Lea Cheang, David Crawford, Jerry Domokur, and Roman Verostko with critics Steve Dietz, Alex Galloway, Lev Manovich, and Eugene Thacker to the Through the Looking Glass site, making it the first of its kind at the Beachwood gallery and the Cleveland area.   

Patrick Lichty is available to provide additional information at the following:
8211 E. Wadora NW
N. Canton, Ohio, 44720

Gallery Artists
Carol Adams - Selected Sculptures
Cliff Bheum - Print
Helene Black - Identities
Jerry Domokur - Print
Wayne Draznin - NIagara, & Trinity Test
Bill Ellsworth - Digital Prints
W. Logan Fry - CyberTextiles
haymarket RIOT - MACHINE/WEB
Caroline Koebel - C2000
Patrick Lichty & Scott Draves (GridBomb)
Patrick Lichty - Selected Prints
Greg Little - Body of Text
Kazuhiko Saika - Selected works
Jenny Marketou - SmellBytes

Patrick Maun - Outside Looking Inside
Noriko Meguro - Digital Prints
Rayner/Turner - Cycle Engines
Michael Rees - Digital Sculptures
RTMark - Selected Works
Roman Verostko - Manchester Illuminated Turing Machine

Yumiko Yokoi - Selected Works

CD-ROM Artists
Kuljit Chuhan - Resonance
Fujihata/Furukawa/Munch - Small Fish
Glendenning/Etchells (w/Forced Entertainment) - Nightwalks
Raivo Kelomees - Tokyo City
Barbara Lattanzi - Wilderness Puppets
Calin Man - The Golden Virus

The Rotator (continuous rotating slide show)
Johnathan Allen (UK) Cliff Behum (USA) Danko Djuric (Serbia) Bill Ellsworth (USA) Lale Erguner (Turkey) David Graham (USA) Juan Carlos Gomez de la Torre (Ecuador) Keith Hunter (USA) Dennis Jennings (USA) Yasushi Kitami (Japan) Michael Krasowitz (USA) UK Nakagawa (Japan) Hiro Nakano (Japan) Kazuhiko Saika(Japan) Vedran Vucic (Slovenia) Zach Wilson (USA) Yoko Dholbachie (Japan)

The VRML Gallery (with Tsugihiko Tanaka - in development)

Online Artists
Mark Amerika - GRAMMATRON
Michael Atavar - ****
Natalie Bookchin - Intruder
Brad Brace - GreenScreens
David Crawford -
Shu Lea Cheang - HoME2
Critical Art Ensemble - Cult of the New Eve
Everett/Pedley -The Circadia Project
exonemo - Discoder
Mary Flanagan - Phage
Aleksandra Globokar - ASCII-Tecture
Oliver Hockenhull - Building Heaven, Remembering Earth: Confessions of a Fallen Architect
Intima  - intimate mobile communications art project
Knight/Smith et al - Road Apple Test
Tiia Johannson - Get.real
Tina LaPorta - Distance
Mashica - NOWASH
Artur Matuck - Landscript
MTAA - In Ohio, In the Fall, You Were Young
Mark Napier -
Petterd/Caney - Archiving Memory
Jonathan Prince - LOMOgraphy
David Quin  - Antarctica 2000
Melinda Rackham - carrier 
Recombinant History Apparatus  - TERMINAL TIME
Schrieber, et al - Third Generation
Wolfgang Staehle - Empire 24/7
Nicole Stenger  - MY FAUX CINEMA
 Paul Vanouse  - The Persistent Data Confidante
The Virtual Africa Project

Critical texts by:
Susan Ballard - My viewing body does not end at the skin
Brian Carroll - The Archtecture of Electricity
Steve Dietz - Why Have There Been No Great Net Artists?
DX Raiden (KIT) and Scott Weir (Artengine) - Mediated Intoxication: navigating with double vision
Alex Galloway - The Avant-Garde Never Gives Up
Lev Manovich - To be Announced in May
Kylie Message - Being Within Story, Screen, and Museum Space
Robbin Neal Murphy - To be Announced in May
Eugene Thacker - "Appropriate Technology: Artificial Products, Mediation, and Streaming Media
Vedran Vucic - Toward Alive Art