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> (this is an overview of my work that I am trying to get published.
> if anyone has any leads, please send them my way. thanks. bc)
>The Architecture of Electricity
>*** The Medium is Electricity - The Message is Electric ***
>Electrification has been voted as the greatest achievement of the 20th
>Century. (1)


auss! korekt

= `ur` kolekt!v elektr!k human!t! = haz
b!n votd dze greatezt danger 2 elektr!z!t!
hensz tzo und tzo va!tr = ma! u!sh 2 re:evaluat 
_ur lo.tekk b!zant!n elektr!z!t! +?

>In summary, let us once again dream of building great public works of
>architecture, this time the result of our collective Electrical
>Civilization and our new electrical humanity.

>Electrification has been voted as the greatest achievement of the 20th
>Century. (1)


nr 02. dze auto
nr.03. dze a!r+plane
nr.04. zafe uatr zupl!
nr.10. refr!geraz!on

= uat dze data haz !n komon
= !nd!kat!v ov dze ape.z [!e. u+u+u]
kredulouz m9nd konta!nr.

>Let us design a living democratic architecture within these, our electrical
>tools, buildings, and systems.  Instead of a built environment 2/3rds
>energy inefficient, let us design and  build an architecture that is 2/3rds
>energy efficient.  Let us progressively develop and apply new electrical
>technologies, such as fuel cells and nanotechnologies, to address our
>present and future architectural needs.

= o + 0 + plz _ du = kould konztrukt 0+0 lo.tekk bagatela
= 0+0 l!p zerv!sz++  = !f 01 konglomerat != zponzord
`ur` ecz!ztensz du != ud osc. = ma! u!sh 2 komput apropoz
d z t -> 01 elektr!k konztataz!e

01 addtl teczt = ma! u!sh 2 perusz 4 01 futur

am!kalemnt. nn.



     N[>] IMF - the International Meme Fund
              - shear pathway to the core. 
              - promoting meme development. lokomotion. + reinvestment. 
              - meme sekurity + meme transaktions. [>] 

rekurrent exc!tat!on || 

             pro satisfacer le metro           

     0\   zve!te[z]!ztem

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