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dear nettimers,  [italian-speaking and not!]

news from the south europe. two months ago the net_institute mailing
list started becoming the most important italian list for media
culture and criticism with good connections to north european
networks. if you are interested in a latin / mediterranean / south
european discourse about new media culture and criticism, subscribe
the mailing list and forward this message to all italian-speaking
friends or contacts in italy and south europe.


the list want to be also the collective discussion space towards a
future nettime-it list.

the net_institute list speaks mostly italian and english, but
contributions in every language are welcome. forwards, digests,
announcements, newsletters, mail-art-not-spam are welcome too.

the net_institute_apparatus


net_institute mailing list

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[net_i]  is  a mailing list  for  net  culture and net  criticism  in the
mediterranean  area.  in  particular  [net_i]  is an effort  to make  the
italian  scene  go out from its  linguistic  and cultural  ghetto  and to
connect it  to middle  european net  culture,  working at  the same  time 
on the deconstruction of eurocentrism.

[net_i]  takes  part  in  the  european new  media  culture network  that
transformed  the  internet  in an  international  cultural  and political
platform  integrating  technology  and  art  with  criticism  and  social
engagement. [net_i] tries to speak as more languages as possible.

[net_i] is a communication  channel  through which  you can reach a large
number of cultural practioners, media operators, journalists,  activists,
critics, technicians, artists,  teachers, students, where you can present
your  projets,  find  partners  and  sponsors,  spread out  articles  and
announcements,  organise events.  [net_i]  was  designed to  make all net
society souls meet.

[net_i] gives you  visibility  bypassing  institutional and media hierar-
chies and building up a fast indipendent network. [net_i] puts itself on
the point between the mass media spectacle and tha pragmatic  collective
intelligence  inhabitating  the internet.  [net_i] is a  horizontal mass

[net_i] does not remain  an on-line  experience but acts  in the off-line
urban space, likes the printed media and  tries to reach and  contaminate
all kinds of media. [net_i] does not follow the techno-euphoria about new
technologies and criticises  the digital ideology celebrating the virtual
and the globalisation.  [net_i] points out the  relation  between the net
and the territory, the virtual and the real, the mediascape and the land-
scape, looking for all possible short-circuits.

[net_i] is an antidote against the wired ideology, the  disneyfication of
the net,  the  hi-tech  consumersim hampering the political,  horizontal,
crative uses  of information technology.  [net_i] is  a means to make the
net  a common good  and not just  the new economy ring.  [net_i] uses the
net  as  an  infrastructure,  a model,  a catalytic agent  for social and
cultural life.

the  net_institute  mailing list is  a part of the net_institute project.
[net_i] is  an open mailing list, slightly moderated. feel free to invite
everyone you want. for information, comments, critics, contact:

- only-text messages allowed
- no HTML messages and attachments
- no copyright for all messages
- no commercial use without author's permission

# [net_institute] not a new media institute but an institute_network
# for  net criticism,  net culture,  net activism in the urban space
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