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[Nettime-bold] 12hrs collection (fwd)

Got one today (1st May)

Glad to have you back.

If you check out my website (url at bottom) you will see that my
colleague (Ian - Blahulah) has used some of your jpegs in an animated

Hope you don't mind

I would like to mention you and your project on my web pages, alongside
Ian's Blahulah animation, and put a link or links to your stuff. If you
would like this tell my which url(s) to link to. 

I've been collecting your pics since number 01227.  We both love your
stuff and use it for slide shows. Everyone that sees our stuff loves it
and we always take the opportunity to tell people about where we get our
material, so your name, the 12hr project and what you do is mentioned
regularly to anyone interested enough to come and talk to us during our

As well as keeping a copy of all 12hr jpegs in your original order I also
keep a second set that I have categorised. 

My collection is currently: 

79 recent ones that I haven't sorted yet plus 971 sorted into the
following categories: 

20  animals
151 blurs
118 buildings
75  faces
27  fairground centrifuge
17  fireworks
22  food
31  landscapes
33  landscapes industrial
18  mass production (bottles)
95  misc
25  misc domestic icons
41  misc modern icons
31  patterns (including dry earth)
42  people
57  people parts (inc. 20 ears, 6 feet, 19 hands)
42  reflection mixes (mostly trees through a window?)
51  roads
20  statues
25  trains
30  water

We've made some wonderful avi movies with both solely your stuff and also
mixed with other stuff. 

I'd be happy to cut a CD-ROM for you and post it to you FOC as a thankyou
for your excellent project. 

Your newsgroup is the only one I stay permanently subscribed to. 

Keep up the excellent work.

Many thanks

Regards and Respect,



inFINitE ART, Huddersfield,UK
Phone:  00 44 (0) 1484 303737
Love & Respect, Richard Herrero


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