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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> low-tech media projects

Ledia wrote:

I am wondering what kind answers there are to this. What low tech/low tech 
aesthetic movement is going on where you are? I would be interested in 
hearing about websites and projects and perspectives you know about that 
are media related but would fall into the category of "low tech 
approaches". The idea of a "low-tech movement" is exciting and new to me.

	Something which comes immediately to mind is 'demo scene'
	culture. Demos "seemingly do things that aren't possible on the
	machine they were programmed on." [From
	<http://www.oldskool.org/demos/explained/>]. Communities of
	practitioners exist for a range of machines which may or may
	not be considered 'low-tech' (from Ataris to Pentiums).

	The focus on extracting the maximum creative use from an
	obsolete machine rather than lazily using a new machine to
	do your work for you could be considered a 'low-tech movement'
	of sorts.

	Check out scene.org <http://www.scene.org/> for more info.



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