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[Nettime-bold] friday may 5th 2000 : NET AFFECTS online inauguration!

OPENING FRIDAY MAY 5TH : nET affEcTs dutch/international net art show
official online inauguration

URL : http://pavu.com/netaffects

the pop ThE e-corn sEason !

friday may 5th - 
Paris - France (GMT/UTC +2) : 7h00 pm
New-York Eastern Time (EST) : 1h00pm

in presence of a large range of artists and net stars.

IRC connections
SERVER: irc.webmaster.com - PORT: 6667 - channel: #netaffects

You can use one of these two java machines to join #netaffects or directly
using IRC clients such as MIRC (for PC) or IRCLE (for Mac)

IRC java page (fast but won't work using Netscape© on Macintosh©)

IRC java page for any browser/platform

Special pop the e-corn season pline-Booster !
On the occasion of nET affEcTs,
pavu.com has decided to offer you
the best communication pad our open-boucle technology can create :
The Pop the e-corn season pline-Booster will enable you to send information
to a large range of press, international art dealers and artists sharing the
nET affEcTs mailing list and the french vanguard mailing list -

In the same time, you'll be able to bet on your e-corn
harvesting expectations (from 1 to 5 e-corn sacks)
in direct connection from our e-corn sacking evaluation desk.

Pline-Booster :  http://www.pavu.com/netaffects/pop-e-corn.html

*note: this mailing-list will close at the end of may

CONTACT: Peter Luining <real@xs4all.nl> and Plining <plining@pavu.com>

See you tomorrow and don't forget in the meantime!

[nET affEcTs 6-14 may 2000, Kunstvlaai 4, Amsterdam, Netherlands]
- a dutch/international net art show curated by Peter luining and brought to
you by pavu.com -

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