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* * *  SPECIAL OF THE MONTH: 1 Million VERIFIED addresses on a CD-ROM.

This CD consists of the biggest & most popular Internet companies.  

There are 1 million addresses, less than 30 days old. These addresses were actually extracted, not made by an address generator. Also, these email addresses have been verified and YOU should receive a 90% DELIVERY RATE.

This CD was sorted/deduped, (duplicates removed) and randomized in each domain. The purification process includes 13 custom filters, run against the global remove list and through our 192MB - remove\flamer list.  The EDU, ORG, GOV, Mil, and US domains were removed as well as domains that asked not to receive e-mail. The CD was run against our custom filter of 2,492 keywords to remove even more.

Regular price is $399, but if purchased CD before 5-5-2000
Only $210 - PRIORITY shipping is included.  

Fax (509) 271-7901 TO: 

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City: __________________________ State: ______ Zip: ______________

Country: _______________

Phone: ________________

Fax: __________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________

Name on Credit Card:__________________________________________

Circle One: MasterCard  Visa  Discover  American Express


Printed Name : ____________________________________________

Sign Signature: ______________________________________________

Date: ________________

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