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[Nettime-bold] No Other Symptoms

I am sending you a press release for Suzanne Treister's new project: a book
and CD-ROM titled '...No Other Symptoms - Time Travelling with Rosalind
Brodsky'.  If you order a copy direct from Black Dog Publishing you can
take advantage of a special offer of 15% off the normal retail price.
Send a cheque or credit card details for #14.25 (normal price #16.95). If
you are paying by credit card please include the expiry date, telephone
number and address.

by Suzanne Treister

"Treister's work is an exuberant celebration of what the new media were
supposed to be about: individual endeavour and creativity. It is garage
hypermedia, it's shocking pink gothic letters jeering at the commercial
world of e-design." INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

"...No Other Symptoms uses multimedia in the fullest sense of the word,
immersing its viewer in an idiosyncratic artificiality in which fiction is
mingled with fact, imagination with inventiveness." ART MONTHLY UK

"Sexy science seems to be the name of the game..." REALTIME

Rosalind Brodsky (1970-2058) is a delusional time traveller who believes
herself to be a researcher at the Institute of Militronics and Advanced
Time Interventionality (I.M.A.T.I.) in South London. Your journey, through
the book and
interactive CD ROM, takes the form of a tour organised by the Institute in
memory of Brodsky's contribution to time travel research.  

The tour exposes Brodsky's investigations and obsessions with the 1960's,
the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust, and the history of psychoanalysis.
It includes a visit to Brodsky's Castle in Bavaria and return trip to her
satellite spy probe as well as providing access to her Electronic Time
Travelling Diary and her various time travelling costumes. 

The book includes transcripts of Brodsky's analysis with Freud, Jung,
Klein, Lacan and Kristeva which was funded through the album sales of her
band 'Rosalind Brodsky and the Satellites of Lvov', her time travelling TV
cookery show and her range of vibrators which feature the heads of figures
such as Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Emma Peel and Jacques Lacan.

In the book ... No Other Symptoms and the accompanying CD-ROM, digital
artist Suzanne Treister has created a
fictional biography that challenges the conventions of science fiction,
psychoanalysis and historical narrative,
addressing issues of insanity and humour, fetishism and sexuality, identity
and technology, in relation to personal
histories and fictions of the 20th century.

CD-ROM Mac/Win
Hardback 124pp
111 Colour  reproductions
15x 15cm/ 6x6in
ISBN 1 901033 66 X
UK #16.95/ US $29.95

This project has been funded by 
the Australian Film Commission and
the New Media Fund of the Australia Council

For more information please contact:
Black Dog Publishing Ltd
PO Box 3082
London NW1
T: 0171 692 2697
F: 0171 692 2698

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