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[Nettime-bold] some arty links for you???

Below is some info.

Internet specific artwork.

"The Central City".
This can be seen online at

To help guide you through...........THE CENTRAL CITY....

Welcome to The Central City (Version 2000), an interactive art and text piece with embedded sounds, made for the internet. Please be patient and wait for files to download and enjoy your trip.
There are now over 15 areas of the Central City (more to come later) , and each area has lots of things within each section so chances are you won't find everything. (IN TOTAL OVER 200 MOVIES some movies can only be found by clicking through areas) These areas can be found behind each of the windows in the cityscape or by using the pull-down navigation menus. These areas are:- indus. universa. constructor. videotron. megalopotron. elevator. maputor. proser. city central . mondomix. textus. sounder. randomizer. cuboid . matrixity

The Central City area an interactive city experience. The juxtaposition of urban sounds and sights. Towers, maps, the sounds of the city, an audio visual city experience. Embedded shockwave movies in frames and specially composed backgrounds sounds forming a collage with texts and computer works. Images from computer based drawings and sounds of London. Themes or motifs that occur within the context of this work include: Networks of information technology contrasted with organic networks and city networks as grids. Cities as grids and computer chips as grids.

In some ares city cells mutate and grow move around the screen and birth new spaces and cells. The music SOUNDER features a streaming audio cd player which plays 30 mins of industrial ambient music, streaming into your home. A VIDEO AREA called videotron plays video artitextures built into a video wall. Motifs of urban design deconstructed and repeated in a grid. A series of videos shot in london and continually edited and reprocessed to form isolated fragments of our city experience. From the video "Artitextures".

Technical points. You will need shockwave for some areas and will not be able to listen to the music unless you get shockwave. You must have downloaded and installed the shockwave plug-in available from the macromedia website. This plug in goes in the plug - ins folder within netscape.


Please visit the site, print the URL, write a review, tell your friends, bookmark us, and let us know what you think of the site. Make links to the site and if you are interested in the artworks get in
TEL 020 7737 1524
92 Lilford Road.
SE5 9HR.

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