Patrick Lichty on Mon, 8 May 2000 04:25:16 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Through The Looking Glass Update.

Through the Looking Glass 
Contemporary Digital and Technological Art

For this update, we highlight exonemo and their Ars Electronica Honorable
Mention, Discoder.  Discoder is an online toll that corrupts websites by
introducing bugs into the html code.
You can find Discoder in the Virtual Galleries. 

We also welcome the addition of Steve Dietz' essay "Why Have There Been No
Great Net Artists?".  In this text, Dietz examines the nature of recognition in
the genre of through Linda Nochlin's seminal essay on feminist art.
Check out this essay in the Textual Gallery.

This update is in response to the fact that in the original announcements,
there was the omission of the URL for the exhibition.
Many apologies fo this omission.

Every month or two Through the Looking Glass will highlight selected works in
its galleries and announce events until the end of this year.

Hope you will enjoy the show.

Patrick Lichty,
Through the Looking Glass

-Through the Looking Glass is a landmark survey of technolgical art and
critical texts sponsored by and the Beachwood Center for the Arts, a
non-profit institution located near Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  The exhibit
showcases 83 artists and scholars work from every continent on the globe.

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