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[Nettime-bold] Call for contributions (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 18:32:45 +1000
From: Senses of Cinema <>
Subject: Call for contributions

Issue 6, May 2000 of Senses of Cinema is now online at

We are now calling for contributions for Issue 7, June 2000 and Issue 8,
July-Aug 2000.

ISSUE 7, JUNE 2000.
This issue will feature a special section on the St. Kilda Short Film
Festival (Melbourne), in particular, its history, its significance for
emerging filmmakers and the possibilities and aesthetic of the short
film format.  There will also be special sections on Contemporary Asian
Cinema and Actors.  Is there an actor that has moved you inexplicably?
Well, now is the time to express this feeling, in a section that will be
a showcase of "critical yet personal homages" to actors of the screen.
Under this section, there will be a special section on the work of
MARLENE DIETRICH - if you're a fan, here is your chance to pay tribute.
There will also be the regular column of Festival Reports - if anyone
finds himself or herself at a festival or conference they would like to
report on (such as Cannes!), feel free to suggest it to us.

>From now on, there will also be a section titled New Releases - for
critical, independent and intriguing analyses of current releases.

ISSUE 8, JULY-AUG 2000. This issue will feature a special sections on
the cinema of Roberto Rossellini and a preview of the Melbourne
International Film Festival.

Or, of course, you could write on anything you like, and we'll have a
look at publishing it. Or you could submit your Top Ten films of all
time. (Check the formatting as exists at )

The deadline for the submission of articles for Issue 7 with byline
attached (under 20 words) is May 29th. For Issue 8, July 10th.

Senses of Cinema is not a fully refereed film journal, however, it
provides writers with the option to have their work refereed. Articles
are sent as 'blind reviews' to a minimum of two referees who are experts
in their field. For those who request their work be refereed, the
deadline is one week earlier than that mentioned above.

For further information on our refereeing policy, style sheet and
copyright policy, you can go to our Notes for Contributors page:


Fiona and Bill


Senses of Cinema

Bill Mousoulis

Fiona A Villella

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