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Stephen Skrynka
Clyde Cycle and Pedestrian Tunnel, Glasgow
28 May to 18 June 2000

Revelations of a layer of the city which lurks below the water

As archaeologist, detective, and voyeur, Skrynka has meticulously recorded
all the writings on the walls of this intimate but often intimidating space.
This evidence of underground activity has accumulated in Glasgow's Clyde
Pedestrian and Cycle Tunnel since it was originally opened in 1963.

dimensions : 3 metres wide, 2 metres tall, 1 kilometre long

The walls will be painted white, obliterating all the text and creating a
new blank canvas. The many layers of newly covered graffiti will be returned
to the space as pure sound as part of an ambitious new soundpiece.

Under the river bed of the Clyde, a three week long sound work will be
composed by Internet users and broadcast live using the world's largest
global sound mixer developed using custom CASM [ ]
technology. The tunnel writings have been turned into sound samples recorded
by some of its authors. These, combined with found sounds collected from
various locations throughout Glasgow and from the Clyde itself, will form
the sound library from which a constantly moving sonic landscape will be
created. Tracing spore-like journeys through the city, A network of sound
maps will will be composed by the worldwide public and broadcast live inside
the tunnel space. 

Internet users may collaborate in the online composition by downloading a
client application which connects to the central CASM server. Users get a
virtual representation of the sounds in the tunnel, and up to sixteen users
can join together at once to trigger their choice of sounds. Users are also
able to precisely position and control the movements of these sounds within
the Clyde Tunnel itself.

In addition a series of works by the following artists will be performed in
the space on 18th June :

Pete Dowling
Nicky Hind
Alistair MacDonald
Peter Nelson
Jon Panther
Stephen Skrynka
Bill Sweeney
Jo Thomas
Gregg Wagstaff
Judith Weir
Hildergard Westerkamp

A publication accompanying the project will be available. This will include
a souvenir booklet commemorating the opening of The Tunnel in 1963 aswell as
a complete transcription of the tunnel graffiti. A photographic reproduction
of the tunnel walls will also be available. Produced in collaboration with
Book Lab. 

e mail:
   tel: +44 (0)141 576 7956

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