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[Nettime-bold] High Rise Living debate on High Rise Living Debate @ Coronation Court
                 THURSDAY 11TH MAY 2000
                 2.30PM. gmt
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 'There are over 4,000 tower blocks [in the U.k], homes for perhaps 800,000
 people........Tower Blocks are indeed where people live, and many more
 such places are needed. Government forecasts suggest that 4.4 million new
 households may form in England by 2016. Much of this growth will be
 because young people are leaving home earlier, more people are getting
 divorcedand people are living longer.'

 'There is now widespread concern about the environmental implications of
 green - field house building. As people leave the cities and move into
 suburbs and rural areas, pressures increase on previously greenfield sites
 for housing and related services, and inner - city economies are weakened.
 Research published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (May 1999) warns that
 the revival of Britian's cities is being threatened by 'abandoned
 neighbourhoods' where the demand for housing has collapsed.'

 Streets in the sky, the first report of the National Tower blocks Initiative

 What part do you see tower blocks playing in social inclusion strategies?
 Although architecture alone cannot answer the housing crisis that is
 predicted, but what role does the built environment play in establishing
 new living patterns?

On the panel there will be:

Hans Heijden, Biq Architects - Rotterdam
Glenn Howells, Glenn Howell Architects - Birmingham
Graham Marshall, Liverpool Vision - Liverpool
Emma King, Urban Splash - Liverpool
Toby Gale, Tower Blocks Initiative - Birmingham
James Weston, Shed KM - Liverpool
Beatrice Fraenkel, local councillor
Satwinder Samra, freelance architect - Sheffield
Tony Siebenthaler, Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust


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