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Archée has interviewed Ernest Lucha, one of five members of the activist
group ®TMark, about ®TMark's participation in the 2000 Whitney Biennial. As
we know, ®TMark, which was invited to take part in the new Internet section
of the Biennial, unexpectedly (and against the rules of the contract)
diverted visitors at the Whitney to a special Web page that sequentially
shows hundreds of sites — freely submitted, always accepted. It is an
alternative Whitney Biennial, in the middle of the "real" Whitney Biennial.
As a spokesperson, Ernest Lucha describes for us the unique mode of action
of the group. He also shares with politically concerned artists ®TMark's
very pragmatic approach to social action outside of museums — for as Lucha
says, how can we change the world from the closed realm of art institutions?

? : First of all, how would you describe ®TMark's activities? ...


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