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[Nettime-bold] The Contrarian - BUY ALERT




RecycleNet Corp.

Symbol - GARM (OTCBB-pink sheets)      

Recent Price - $.35

52 Week Range - $.12 - .75

Estimated Float - 4 Million

Shares Outstanding - 78 Million


Now that Microsoft and other Internet stocks have fallen, it's time to 

sift through the wreckage and look for treasure. As Contrarian investors, 

we've been waiting for this dynamic group to fall out of favor temporarily, 

so we can buy at discounted prices.

The following stock should be purchased for long-term capital gains:

RecycleNet Corporation is hardly a new player in the game - 

they went electronic in May 1995, after many years in a print format.  

Their founder and current Chairman, Paul Roszel, has been in the 

recycling business for over 20 years, and has vast experience with 

every type of scrap commodity. 

Recyclenet is part of the booming "B2B" business to business portion 

of the Internet. It is estimated that B2B electronic commerce will soar 

from $17 Billion in sales in 1998 to $327 Billion by 2002. Electronic 

commerce gives GARM the ability to trade with other companies all over 

the world, at very low cost. They earn money from subscribers who pay 

a monthly fee to join their Recycler's Exchange.   

What is the reason to buy now? RecycleNet should be reporting excellent 

revenues and earnings in the next quarter, the floating supply of shares is 

small, and the financial community is just starting to discover GARM. They 

have filed their Form 10 to become a reporting company with the SEC, and 

they should be emerging from their pink sheet listing soon.


Meanwhile, traffic at their web site is hitting record numbers (almost 2 Million 

page views per month), and is growing at over 20% monthly. With the stock 

trading at half of its February peak, The Contrarian believes that GARM can 

reach the $1.50 level near-term, with even higher prices further out. Take a 

position now while RecycleNet is on the bargain shelf. 

Disclaimer: The Contrarian has no affiliation with the issuer, and has received 

no fee from RecycleNet for this report. The Contrarian and/or its affiliates currently 

own shares of RecycleNet, and may buy or sell shares at any time after the 

dissemination of this report.  Because the publisher owns this stock, there may 

be a conflict of interest in the Contrarian's statements and opinions. The Contrarian 

is not a registered investment advisor, broker or dealer. Purchase of this stock 

may be considered speculative, and may result in the loss of some or all of any 

investment made. 

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