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>this was taken from an ongoing discussion between jennifer crowe and 
>pat lichty re: history of net art. (taken from the list protocol 
>At 1:25 PM -0400 5/14/00, Jennifer Crowe wrote:
>>[let me ammend this: I was specifically refering to .txt files that
>>comprise the textbase- plain text (which when it boils down to it the
>>Rhizome archive is) it will most likely port better than stuff that is
>>specically dependent on hardware, like an artwork that is dependent on a
>>certain type of machine (with like you say 5.25 floppies, etc). This is
>>never foolproof of course. But for the time being, the texts at Rhizome
>>and Nettime etc are what alot of people are going off of. And, yes it's
>>true that their server could be wiped out at anytime in a flood or
>>something...true, true, true!]
>could the administrators of these lists post some comments on their 
>long-term plans for archival of the texts? how many back-ups are on 
>how many servers? are there foundations with a mission to preserve 
>them? if not, perhaps rhizome, thing, nettime could create one, or 
>band together to lobby for international funding for one?
>or point us to the public policies you have posted.

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