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[Nettime-bold] ANAT announce: Alchemic outcomes

The Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) announce

Public presentations emanating from
** Alchemy **
International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators
in partnership with
Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the Live Arts, Queensland, 
Australia, May/June 2000
and live on the internet at

ANAT's International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators 
is currently in progress at the new Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for 
the Live Arts.  For five intense weeks (from 8 May to 9 June 2000) 
artists, curators and theorists have come together to germinate and 
hothouse their ideas, test their hypotheses, develop new processes 
and create new works, within the context of an intensive learning 

To culturally contextualise the project, satellite events - combining 
fora with open days - will be held, giving the public and media an 
opportunity to view the work-in-progress produced by participants. 
These events will be streamed live to the web.

All events will take place at:

Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the Live Arts
117 Lamington Street
New Farm, Brisbane, Qld

6.30- 8.30 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (08.30 - 10.30 GMT)
VISY THEATRE, Brisbane Powerhouse
"Hardspace vs Softspace"  New media exhibition and Net Art practices
Alchemy Tutors Mike Stubbs, Sara Diamond, Alexei Shulgin, and Mongrel 
will be joined by Ross Gibson, Artistic Director of the Cinemedia 
Galleries, Federation Square, Melbourne.  The session will be chaired 
by Julianne Pierce, ANAT chairperson, artist and new media curator.

  6.30 - 8.30 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (08.30 - 10.30 GMT)
VISY THEATRE, Brisbane Powerhouse
Alchemy tutor Shuddhabrata Sengupta, and participants of the 
masterclass Gong-xin Wang, Shilpa Gupta, Deborah Lawler-Dormer, 
Hartanto and Christiawan will present their work and discuss 
repercussions of working in Digital Media in an Asian and Pacific 
context.  The session with be chaired by ANAT Director, Amanda 
McDonald Crowley.

7 - 9 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (08.30 - 10.30 GMT)
Performance - streaming media/ web demonstrations by Alexei Shulgin, 
Blast Theory and participants of the Alchemy Masterclass.  Join 
Alchemy participants for an informal evening of performance.


During the Alchemy masterclass, all participants are being provided 
with 24 hour access to a lab., exhibition / installation, performance 
space and workrooms in the exciting new Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre 
for the Live Arts <>. Highly 
experienced curators and artists are providing training and leading 
workshops for participants, within the context of a critical 
production site. The makeup and composition of the Masterclass will 
constantly evolve, as tutors and participants undertake different 
aspects of the project.

The Masterclass will engage with a diverse range of topics: from 
science discourses to indigenous issues to curatorial practice. Of 
particular note will be the component of the masterclass dedicated to 
performance and hybrid practices being developed in collaboration 
with the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia Council. As the project 
is intended as a dynamic one, there will be continual opportunities 
for exchange of ideas.

Tutors for the project are:

* Alexei Shulgin, net artist, performer and curator, from Moscow

* Nina Czegledy, An independent media artist, curator and writer, 
Czegledy divides her time between Canada and Europe

* Mongrel, a mixed bunch of people and machines working to celebrate 
the methods of an 'ignorant' and 'filthy' London street culture. 
Mongrel  make socially engaged cultural product employing any and all 
technological advantage that they can lay their hands on

* Geert Lovink, lecturer and activist who has participated in many 
conferences on  independent media, the arts and new technologies 
internationally, and has presented at previous ANAT events, CODE RED 
and resistant media: NxT

* John Tonkin, animator, web artist who develops his own software in 
low level programming languages such as C++ and Java.  Tonkin has 
taught at many of the previous ANAT National Summer Schools and is 
currently in receipt of a fellowship from the Australia Council's New 
Media Fund

* Rea, (Gamileroi/ Wailwan), an internationally recognised artist who 
specialises in developing digital media, and who also participated in 
the 1999 ANAT National Summer School in Science and Art

* Mike Stubbs, artist and curator who works with sculptural 
installation, performance, film, video and installations. Until 
recently he was the Director of Hull Time Based Arts and has just 
started a Research Residency at the Department of Television Imaging, 
Dundee University, UK

* Sara Diamond, Director for the New Media and Visual Arts programs 
of the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada

* Tess de Quincy and Laura Jordan, respectively performance artist 
and new media artists.  Tess and Laura have collaborated on 
performance and research events including Triple Alice, an ongoing 
project over three years which seeks to provide a space for cross 
disciplinary research and development

* Marko Peljan, Ljubljana based performance and communication artist 
and writer, founder of the arts organisation Projekt Atol and Program 
Coordinator of Ljudmila (Ljubljana digital media lab). His most 
recent work Makrolab was part of Documenta X, and is currently 
installed at Rottnest Island as part of the Art Gallery of Western 
Australia's Homeproject;  <>

* Blast Theory, is a group of four artists (two of whom will be at 
Alchemy) based in London who make live events, installation and new 
media work

* Shuddhabrata Sengupta from New Delhi, India is currently working 
towards the establishment of the Sarai new media initiative, 
participant of ANAT's Resistant Media project as part of the NxT 
Darwin Multimedia Symposium last year. Shuddha also works with the 
RAQS Media Collective in New Delhi on video and other media based 
projects <>

Participants for this inaugural International Masterclass are:

Brook Andrews (NSW), Bruce Gladwin (Vic), Caroline Farmer (SA), Chris 
Dempsey (Qld), Christian Thompson (Vic), Christiawan (Indonesia), 
Deborah Lawler-Dormer (NZ), Dena Curtis (NT), Edwina Bartleme (Qld), 
Gongxin Wang (China), Grisha Coleman (NY), Hartanto (Indonesia), Jane 
Schneider (Qld), Jenny Fraser (Qld), Jernej Kozar (Slovenia), Jo Law 
(WA), Kamal Krishna (Qld), Keith Armstrong (Qld), Kelli Mccluskey 
(WA), Kim Machan (Qld), Lisa Anderson (Qld), Mae Adams (Vic), Mari 
Velonaki (NSW), Maryanne Lynch (Qld), Megan Rainey (SA), Mike Stubbs 
(UK), Monica Narula (India), Partha Pratim Sarker (Bangl.), Patricia 
Adams (Qld), Peter Toy (WA), Raewyn Turner (NZ), Raul  Ferrera 
(Mexico), Rebecca Youdell (Qld), Rolando Ramos (NSW), Sam James 
(NSW), Sarah Ryan (Tas), Sarah Neville (SA), Sheridan Kennedy (NSW), 
Shilpa Gupta (India), Sophea Lerner (NSW), Steve Bull (WA), Vanessa 
Mafe-Kean (Qld).

For additional information, visit or contact Amanda McDonald 
Crowley on 0419 829 313.

Alchemy is made possible with the generous financial assistance of 
the Daniel Langlois Foundation the Young and Emerging Artists 
Initiative (an initiative of the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia 
Council), the federal government's arts funding and advisory body) 
the Australian Film Commission, and has received further support from 
Arts Queensland, the South Australian Government through Arts SA, 
Arts Tasmania and the NSW Ministry for the Arts.  The event is being 
sponsored by Apple Computers (Australia) Choice Connections, 
Macromedia and Adobe.
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