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Zvonimir Bakotin <> 2 01 alex galloway male.ref <>

>Dear archeologists,

  "Printing on paper will be crimonal act
   against the planet..."

   divulging the 
        immense ecological cost of sex. i.e males

   ja +? danke -> superb source for male fascist antibodies.

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


Netochka Nezvanova
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                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
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>> >At 1:25 PM -0400 5/14/00, Jennifer Crowe wrote:
>> ><snip>
>> > >
>> > >[let me ammend this: I was specifically refering to .txt files that
>> > >comprise the textbase- plain text (which when it boils down to it the
>> > >Rhizome archive is) it will most likely port better than stuff that is
>> > >specically dependent on hardware, like an artwork that is dependent on a
>> > >certain type of machine (with like you say 5.25 floppies, etc). This is
>> > >never foolproof of course. But for the time being, the texts at Rhizome
>> > >and Nettime etc are what alot of people are going off of. And, yes it's
>> > >true that their server could be wiped out at anytime in a flood or
>> > >something...true, true, true!]
>> ></snip>
>> >
>> >could the administrators of these lists post some comments on their
>> >long-term plans for archival of the texts?
>> about rhizome...
>> Rhizome Digest is archived and available at 
>> Years 2000 and 1999 of the Digest are currently online. Older years will be 
>> uploaded soon.
>> The other two email lists, Rhizome Raw and, are 
>> currently not archived. 
>I keeping the archive of rhRaw (mixed with rhDigest however) on my
>mailserver, this archive goes back till sept'96. contains cca 12,5k
>messages, or 63MB of raw ascii bits, in my oppinion *it's complete*.
>There is also *complete* Nettime-l which goes back to '96. Furthermore
>there are some *smaller* archives (regarding the volume and number of
>messages) like documentaX, ars (severeal years of disscusion at AE), 
>blast, 7-11, amex, hfh... even some projects and initiatives which were'nt
>*real mailing_lists* such refresh (net art project back in 96), etc...
>>From the very same source (different folder only) Syndicate mailing list
>archive was restored in last year (complete - from very first message). 
>The Syndicate archive is avaliable now at,
>for your reading pleasure and utermost enlightment.
>I agree with Ted on this point this is mainly DIY sport, and gift economy
>artefact indeed. I dont see any particular *long time* strategies there.
>OK maybe one, let say once when I'll be retired I'll have plenty of time
>to print out few *ascii on paper* pages out of some antique printer each
>morning (rather noon) while I waking up and have first caffe with some
>*blasts from the pasts*... idilic ha? 
>Well lets take *worst case* scenario of .com future, assuming that
>complete legacy of the digital domain will be commercialized pretty soon,
>sometime after use of paper for purpose of printmaking will be forbidden
>for most of us, goverment and corporate sector will have then special
>permissions to print documents on paper. Rest of us will relay on
>(envirinment friendly) e-books(TM) and digitalPaper(TM) cellularZines(TM)
>and other widgets for *individual nonimmersive* use, this highly .com
>services will be available to anyone and everywhere, charged per bits but
>that's however not issue here. Printing on paper will be crimonal act
>against the planet...well maybe not so idilic but still good for business.

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