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[Nettime-bold] ART@VIFU Call for proposals!!


The Virtual International Women's University, as part of the
International Women's University, is pleased to announce ART@VIFU,
an international, juried competition open to women artists working
with the internet. The competition will result in four, new internet
works being commissioned with each recipient also being awarded a
cash prize of 3,000 German Marks. Proposals should be submitted no
later than June 16th, 2000,through the entry form available via

In its brief history, the internet has proven a "fertile ground"
for a broad range of cultural trends and practice - with its roots   
as a military command and control technology; then later as a 
communications tool for international scientists and academics;
and still later, when much of the networked world hailed the dawn of  
a new era with the slogan "information wants to be free". Today, in 
the early  twenty-first Century, the internet looks quite different,
"information wants to get rich" might be the current slogan with 
E-commerce dominating most the internet debate. Yet, there are still
possibilities for this vast network and the territory once claimed for
knowledge and communication still exists. With more people around the
world going on-line, the potential for meaningful exchange is greater
than ever. Enter the Virtual International Women's University.

The International Women's University (ifu), under the overall theme of
"Technology and Culture", in its first semester (July 15-October 15,
2000) will offer 900 female students from all over the world the
opportunity to participate in a postgraduate research and study  
program. ifu will offer interdisciplinary academic work, including  
artists' interventions, in six project areas: BODY, CITY, INFORMATION,
MIGRATION, WATER, WORK. The Virtual International Women's University 
(vifu), as the virtual extension of ifu, supports activity-oriented, 
cooperative, self-organized learning, organizing of software as a
cooperative process, and relating the local to the global, makes the
virtual actual by providing environments for constructing new
architectures of knowledge and establishing communities for research
and learning.

ART@VIFU encourages artists to look to the primary goals of both ifu
and vifu for areas of exploration and expansion. ART@VIFU poses such
questions as: what are the limitations and implications of body
politics in a networked society; how is the local defined by the
global, and vice-versa, and is that enhanced by new technologies;
are protocols relevant to everyday networked communication; what are
the new architectures of  knowledge; how do internet technologies
define virtual communities; can software development improve as a
cooperative process; can immaterial work provide a real livelihood;
do new technologies facilitate communication and cross-cultural
understanding; can the cooperation between scientists and artists
alter technological innovation; how do these topics affect the daily
lives of women around the globe; where are new zones of contestation?

ART@VIFU invites individual and/or groups of women artists to expand
on these themes and questions through the innovative use of the
internet and its accompanying applications. Proposals for interactive
works that go beyond the presentation of static webpages are of
special interest, as are those that are processual, utilize streaming
technologies, explore the role of such protocols as TCP/IP and ECP,
or relate directly to the content, design, and structure of the vifu
server. The submitted proposals should be for projects to be realized
and hosted on the vifu server.

The ART@VIFU jury is comprised of internationally recognized
women with expertise in the field of new media:

Natalie Bookchin, Los Angeles
Shu Lea Cheang, Digital Nomad
Minerva Cuevas, Mexico City
Kathy Rae Huffman, Hull
Cillie Rentmeister, Erfurt
Olga Shishko, Moscow

The ifu art advisory board is represented in the jury by Barbara Loreck,

artists from all countries. Proposals submitted for jury
consideration should be for new works to be realized. A submission
form and further details can be found at www.vifu.de/netart
All works will remain the property of the artists while vifu will
retain the rights of fair use.
ART@VIFU coordinator/contact person:
                            Diana McCarty      <diana@vifu.de>
Technical advisor:          Barbara Schelkle
vifu project coordinator:   Dr. Heidi Schelhowe

For more information concerning the International Women's
University and the Virtual International Women's University,
please see  www.vifu.de


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