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[Nettime-bold] Deconstructing The Wall?

For immediate release


"Is there anybody in there?"
(Sigmund Freud)

"We don't need no education"
(Sandro Satie, "Make your own music and other essays", 1977)

On March 27, the legendary rock band Pink Floyd made its way back onto the world
music stage, with the recovered live edition of its 1979 monster record "The

Brick by brick, Waters and fellows have just built back a new and greater Wall,
exploiting to the utmost the late-70's angst that earned them millions of

Rumors have already been spread about their next world tour, their still
unpublished songs and the remastering of Alan Parker's movie.

We should know by now: whenever a wall falls, another one is already being
built. What a bore!

Luckily, in the cracks of the walls the green grass keeps on growing...

Beyond obsolete fetish-concepts such as "author", "copyright", "genius",
"education", a whole new world of proliferating margins is blooming.

The FerrariStationWagon International Plagiarist Ensemble is proud to release
the PINKFREUD Project: four tracks of total sonic vandalism, composed by
grabbing and turning upside-down several excerpts from "The Wall" and other Pink
Floyd classics.

All tracks are no-copyright and free for use!
Download them at
Make your open-source music for your open pop stars!
Enjoy FSW! Bring the Boot Boys back home!

FerrariStationWagon - "music from the multitudo"



FerrariStationWagon is an International Plagiarist Ensemble for music
exploitation. The project started in 1999, plagiarizing the most popular music
competition of Italy, the "Festival of Sanremo"
All members of the band are anonymous and they believe in no-copyright.
Recently, FSW uploaded on its website the so-called "PinkFreud" project:
cutting&pasting the PinkFloyd masterpiece - The Wall.
Rumours claim that FerrariStationWagon will issue a new hard-line still-unknown
project in the next few months. Stay tuned!

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