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[Nettime-bold] Excavating For Fraudulent Credulous Apes

>co-sponsored by Lo.tekk.Gov.Sponsored.Credulous.Apes
>Saturday June 3rd, 2000
>at Swayduck Auditorium, 65 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
>admission free - as well it should be.
>If, one day, *everything* will be accessible online or in some digital
>then what will this really entail  practically and philosophically?
>"Excavating The Archive: New Technologies of Memory" will bring together
>internationally-renowned computer scientists, designers, new media theorists
>and artists from the U.S., Europe and Australia, to explore this utopian
>Speakers will define the cutting edge in digital archiving, 


permit someone to politely suggest that 
the above + below is fraudulent. 

- i.e that the speakers will NOT 
define the cutting edge in digital archiving.

the authors of fraudulent above + below
may submit as to WHY the fraudulent data
is not fraudulent - lest several persons shall
regard it as yet an other attempt by selekt marionettes
to delude themselves + addtl credulous apes.




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>presenting new
>projects and advanced software prototypes for collection, navigation, visual
>representation and data mining of vast bodies of information, in diverse
>cultural and commercial contexts.
>Among the questions "Excavating The Archive" will investigate are:
> what new interfaces are being created for archive storage and retrieval?
> what kinds of new materials and subjects are being archived?
> what are the technological limits of digital archiving?
> what assumptions lie behind these digital storage techniques ?
> what metaphors and mapping strategies are being applied to navigate and
>retrieve data?
>ANNE BALSAMO, Research Scientist, Xerox PARC, Palo Alto
>KATHRYN BIRD, Animation and Interactive Media department, Royal Melbourne
>Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
>ROGER BLUMBERG, Department of Computer Science, Brown University,  Providence
>LISE ANNE COUTURE, principal, Asymptote architects, New York
>STEVE DIETZ, Curator, Gallery 9, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
>WOLFGANG ERNST, prof of media sciences, Institute of Film + TV Studies,
>Bochum University, Germany
>NATALIE JEREMIJENKO, New York University, Center for Advanced Technology
>DAVID KARAM, Post Tool Design, San Francisco; Director of the Digital Design
>program, California College of Arts and Crafts
>MUNTADAS, artist, New York / Barcelona, creator of "The File Room"
>RAMANA RAO, Director of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer, Inxight
>Software, Palo Alto
>BEN SCHOUTEN,  CEO,; Doctoral Candidate, National Research Center
>for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam.
>JANET ABRAMS, Leading Questions, NY
>SVEN TRAVIS, Chair, Digital Design, Parsons School of Design, NY
>To reserve a seat
>register free at
>or contact 212 229 8908, Parsons Digital Design Department
>(Please note: It is not necessary to register for this event in order 
>to attend.)

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