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[Nettime-bold] What is Netart and how to find it ?

Netart is a kind of (electronic) art which uses the media internet as playground to the artists (alternative) points of view. So don't expect to find documentations on common art like "Picasso Scans Gallery" here ;-)

--- Netart vs. Art on the Net ---

The art market has discovered the net for the distribution of art. It uses the net to promote art just like ordinary companies. Gallerists, museums and other art brokers provide information about their artists, exhibitions and events. For them, the net is nothing more than a big telephone book in which they too want to (have to) be represented.
For more please refer to : http://www.verybusy.org/art-icles/2000/05/whatisnetart.htm
by Joachim Blank, 1996.


Since the artists' discover of using the web as creative playground, alot of so called "net.art" was released. But how to find net.art
out of hundreds of links on common searchengines ? Searchengines can be divided in robots and editorial ones. The editorial ones like "yahoo" decide by human subjectivity what to show and what not to show, the robots like "altavista" are contextless and list everything, but the one you search on.

In 1998 www.verybusy.org was founded to solve the problem and to set up a general interes portalsite for those people interessted in netart or mediaart. The Aim of verybusy.org is to set up a general entrancepoint (portal) for people who are interessted in netart projects on one hand and to start the work of archiving like a virtual museum on the other hand.
Verybusy.org is ment as a "container" - a skeleton, which is being fulfilled and enhanced by the decentral input of the users that are focused on mediaart/netart. In opposite to other (media/net)Art or Cultureservers and commercial Searchengines, verybusy.org - center for hardwired arts takes a new way between refering to friends linklists and technological/context-missing architectures of common searchengines. The database content is not blown up by automatic searchrobots nor shrink by the single objectivity of a editorial staff. The maxime of verybusy.org is autonomity, as this ensure the maximum of objectivity on nowadays netart. Beside the art database, the server underlines the autonomous usage by the users in many ways, such as collaborative titlecovers, filesharing, discussion board and even the error messages (404 File not found) can be customized by the vistitors.

You are the user, you are the editor ! 
If you're involved to netart please use our database searchengine which is listing 571 unique projects right now. If you want to ensure that your projects got visited by a highly specialized audience (www.verybusy.org is being communicated at special servers like zkm, walkerart, debug, mikro...) please support the collaborative work of the netart scene by submitting your project(s) at:

Futhermore there's a little bonus for you,
if you want to include the verybusy.org  media/net/art searchengine directly to your website simply use the following code within your page:

-- copy & paste ------------------------------8>< - - - -- -----
<form action="http://www.verybusy.org/cgi-bin/search.pl" name="Formular" target="_blank">
SEARCH AT www.verybusy.org
<input type="text" name="searchkeys" size="20">
<input type="hidden" name="parameter" value="all">
<input type="hidden" name="target" value="_blank">
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="go">&nbsp;
<input type="button" name="add" value="add project" = 'http://www.verybusy.org/add_remote.htm'">
-- copy & paste ------------------------------8>< - - - -- -----

If you're skilled in HTML you'll surely can modify the source to fit you webservers corporate identity.

best regards to all of you,
spiv /verybusy.org admin staff

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