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[Nettime-bold] 3rd International Browserday winnars



Out of 35 browserpresentations by students the jurors of the 3rd
International Browserday chose the following winners:

Victor Vina (Royal College of Art London) won the Browser Award (a
multimedia computer made available by KPN Telecom and Amsterdam New Media
Association) with his very useful and innovative application HyperSPC 
( From
the jury report: "This entree is not only very original and technically
accomplished, but it also scores heavily on aesthetic appeal and usability.
This is a tool one would want to use immediately and it's perfect for a

Suzanne Hin (Rietveld Academy) with Scope Browser. Each surfer becomes
member of a 'web family' of 100 to 150 people. Membership is for life. From
the jury report: "In all its naivety this is a truly inspiring

Myriel Milicenic and Axel Eber (Rietveld Academy) with Quantum Browser, a
concept based on quantum theory. From the juryreport: "A masterly
representation of chaos theory and a philosophical approach of the
phenomenon Browser, aimed at the future".

Thijs Chanowski of Medialab announced the winner of a special award, an
internship, to be Henk Jan Bouwmeester with his browser The Dawn of
Browser. Bouwmeester designed a portable box to be filled by individual
users with whatever type of data.

In general the jury thought the quality of entrees to be higher then that
of last year. New concepts were being shown of which some were works of
art, critical comments, philosophies and ready-to-use applications,
improvements or additions to existing techniques and possibilities.

Plans exist for a Browserday in New York in fall 2000.

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