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>The vaguaries of Internet Democracy:
>According to the German weekly _Der Spiegel_ [1], 

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almost 17.000 individuals
>have registered for the election of the ICANN Board. About half are
>Americans (6915), the other half are Europeans. Of the Europeans, 61% are
>Germans (4107). This might be a bit surprising. Germany, with high local
>phone rates, is not necessarily the most advanced country when it comes to
>Internet use. However, two major initiatives, one by the Bertelsmann
>Foundation called  _Democratic Internet_[2], and one by the said weekly and
>other mass media [3], have created more public awareness than anywhere
>else.  As a comparison the number of registrants in France is 323, for all
>of Britain it's still under 700.
>This reminds one a bit of municipal votes where the turnout is so low that
>the results reflect more the ability of special interest groups to mobilize
>their member on single issues, than the opinion of the public. Not that
>Germany is a special interest group, but the differences in mobilization
>have more to do with old media and with online culture.
>Les faits sont faits.

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