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[Nettime-bold] Tulipomania DotCom Preliminary Program


Tulipomania DotCom

A Critique of the New Economy

An International Conference @ De Balie, Amsterdam, June 2 & 3, 2000
& @ Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main, June 4, 2000

P R E L I M I N A R Y  P R O G R A M

Aim of the Conference

The conference Tulipomnania DotCom intends to develop an informed critique
of the politics of electronic finance and internet economics. The aim of
the conference is to raise the level of economic competence of the cultural
and social sector, and simultaneously inject economic analysis with a
sensitivity to on- and offline cultures, as well as a hands-on
understanding of the new communication spaces.

The conference aims to set an agenda for possible models of intervention in
this new domain of networked communication, and to reclaim vital public
functions of the new information and communication environments.

To achieve this a dialogue has to be started between critical economic
analysis, critical net discourses, and the premises of policy making, as
well as the various social movements that operate in this domain. To
facilitate this exchange of knowledge is a prime aim of the conference.

By bringing together critical discourse in these different domains we
intend to find alternatives to deadly adapt-or-die rhetorics, as well as to
dire structural inevitability (aka "There Is No Alternative") or
simplifying activism.

 Main Topics of the Conference:

* The New Economy: Premises and Pitfalls
* Silicon Valley as a Global Business Model
* Financial Markets and Regulation
* Convergence, Mergers and Monopolies
* Inclusion and Exclusion in the New Economy
* Consumer Rights in the New Economy
* A Critical Assessment of Alternative Strategies
* Nettocracy: A Class Analysis of the Information Society
* Gift Economies and Free Services
* The Public Sector and the Network Society
* In Defence of Internet Culture


Day-tickets: 		DFL 35,-
Entire Conference:	DFL 60,-



Fax: +31.20.553 51 55

Tel: +31.20.553 51 00

De Balie
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam

General enquiries:
+31.20.553 51 51

Preliminary Program:


10.00	- Opening
	  Welcome by Andrée van Es (Director of De Balie)

10.30 - Plenary Debate I

The New Economy - Premises and Pitfalls

David Hudson

Key-note Speakers:
Luc Soete (Inst. of Infonomics, University of Maatsricht)
Doug Henwood (Financial Journalist, Left Business Observer, New York)

12.30 - 13.30 - Lunch Break

13.30 - Afternoon Session I

Silicon Valley as a Global Busines Model

Ted Byfield

Clay Shirky (Hunter College, New York)
Steve Cisler (Writer / Analist, San Jose)
Corinna Snyder (Razorfish, New York)
Reinhold Grehter (
Nils de Witte (NEBIB, Netherlands)
Andrew Ross (New York University)

15.30 - 16.00 - Coffee Break

16.00 - Afternoon Session II

Alternative Strategies

Felix Stalder

Jesse Hirsh (TAO Communications, Toronto)
Nina Ascoly (Clean Clothes Campaign)
Greenpeace Representative - tbc
Olivier Hoedeman (TNI, Amsterdam)
Hans van Heijningen (ATTAC NL)
Gerd Junne (University of Amsterdam)

18.00 - Dinner

20.30 - Plenary Session

Public Debate:
Inclusion and Exclusion in the New Economy

Geert Lovink

Andrew Leyshon (University of Nottingham)
Age Bakker (Ex-director Netherlands National Bank)
Roberto Bissio (Economist, Chili)
Cees Vendrik (MP Netherlands Green Party)


11.00 - Conference Resumes / Morning Session:

Consumer Rights

Eric Kluitenberg

James Love (Consumer Project on Technology, Washington)
Wibo Koole (Netherlands National Consumer Organisation)
David Mandl (Autonomedia, New York)
Maurice Wessling (Bits of Freedom, Amsterdam)

12.30 - 13.00 - Coffee Break

13.00 - Afternoon Session I

Nettocracy: A Sociological Analysis of the Virtual Class

Geert Lovink

Michael Gurstein (Technical University of British Columbia)
Alexander Bard, (Business Analyst, Stockholm)
Richard Barbrook (University of Westminster, London)

14.30 - 15.00 - Lunch Break

15.00 - Afternoon Session II

Convergence, Mergers and Monopolies

Guikje Roethof (, Paris)

Richard Kramer (Arete Research, London)
Korinna Patelis (Goldsmiths College, London
Kenneth Neil Cukier (, London)
Michael Latzer (ICE, Vienna)
Heath Row (Fast Company, Boston)

17.00 - 17.15 - Coffee Break

17.15 - 19.00 - Closing Plenary Session

	 (Moderated discussion)

19.00 - Close of the Conference

22.00 - Cinema De Balie goes Wall Street

Workshops & Seminars:

The program will include a series of workshops and impromptu smaller scale
meetings on the following topics:

1 - Development Finance and the Global Market Network
2 - Financial Cryptography
3 - International Venture Capital

Further details will be announced at the conference

Program Updates:

The updated and final program will be available at the conference web site, at:

Preliminary List of Speakers:

Nina Ascoly - Clean Clothes Campaign, Amsterdam

Age Bakker - Ex-Director National Bank of The Netherlands

Richard Barbrook - Professor at Westminster's Hypermedia Research Centre in

Alexander Bard - Commentator, majored in Economic Geography, works as a
composer and record producer in Stockholm.

Roberto Bissio - Economist, Executive Director of IteM - The Third World
Institute in Montevideo, Chili

Ted Byfield - Co-moderator of nettime, international mailing list for net
criticism & free-lance book editor

Steve Cisler - Writer, Analyst, based in San Jose

Kenneth Neil Cukier - Senior Editor at Red Herring Communications, London.

Reinhold Grehter Member of the artist collective Etoy

Michael Gurstein Sociologist, Associate Professor Management and
Technology,Technical University of British Columbia

Douglas Henwood - Investigative Journalist, Author of "Wall Street" &
Editor of Left Bussiness Observer

Hans van Heijningen - ATTAC NL

Jesse Hirsh - TAO Communications, Toronto

Olivier Hoedeman - TNI - Trans National Institute of Ideas, Amsterdam

David Hudson - Journalist and Editor of Rewired, Journal of a Strained Net

Gerd Junne - Economist, University of Amsterdam

Eric Kluitenberg - Media Theorist and New Media Program Co-ordinator, De
Balie (Amsterdam)

Richard Kramer - Consultant at Arete Research (London), and former
technology analyst with Goldman Sachs

Michael Latzer - Deputy Director ICE - Research Unit for Institutional
Change and European Integration, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Andrew Leyshon - Researcher and Professor at the School of Geography,
Research Group Economy and Society, University of Nottingham & Editor of

James Love - Director Consumer Project on Technology (Washington D.C.)

Geert Lovink - Media Theorist and Activst, co-founder of nettime &
Initiator of Tulipomania DotCom

David Mandl - Journalist, writer, radio programmer, editor at Autonomomedia
publishers, New York

Korinna Patelis - Media Researcher, Department of Media and Communications,
Goldsmiths College, London

Guikje Roethof - Journalist, Former MP, CEO of Prezz.Com - European News
Services, Paris

Andrew Ross - professor and director of the American Studies Program at New
York University

Clay Shirky - Professor of New media at Hunter College New York

Luc Soete - Professor of International Economics at the Faculty of
Economics and Business Administration, Maastricht University & Research
Fellow at the International Institute of Infonomics

Corinna Snyder - Trained as a cultural anthropologist, she works on topics
relating to Lithuanian cultural production and as a general manager at
Razorfish NY

Felix Stalder - Researcher, University of Toronto & co-moderator of nettime
international mailing list for net criticism

Cees Vendrik - MP for the Netherlands Green Party

Maurice Wessling -Bits of Freedom - a Dutch privacy and civil rights
organization for the information society

Nils de Witte - Netherlands Exchange for Angel Investments (NeBIB)

[Note: this list may still be subject to minor changes]

Conference web site:

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