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luvl!  [zucc!nt + br!l!antl! konkrete - ur favor!t ted b!f!eld]

> (Tue 05/16/00 at 10:31 AM -0700):
>> The Rhizome contentbase is backed-up periodically using normal protocols, 
>> plus a semi-complete archive lives on my home computer and probably in a 
>> few other places (eat your heart out, 0100101110101101.ORG!). Rhizome is 
>> dedicated to long term preservation, so this material is not likely to 
>> disappear any time soon.
>i should hope not. after all--and it's a shame you didn't 
>mention this aspect--in doing so, rhizome is only protect-
>ing its assets:
>     <>
>...  By posting material to RHIZOME RAW you agree to grant
>     Rhizome Communications the non-exclusive, worldwide,
>     perpetual, royalty-free right to reproduce, modify,
>     edit, publish, sub-license, make derivative works from
>     and distribute such material in any form or media,
>     including posting such material on RHIZOME DIGEST or the
>     RHIZOME Web Site. Rhizome Communications reserves the
>     right, in its sole discretion, to edit any subscriber
>     posting, and to chose to include or not include such
>     posting in RHIZOME DIGEST or on the RHIZOME Web Site. ...
>     <>
>...  You grant the non-exclusive, worldwide,
>     royalty-free right to reproduce, store, modify,
>     distribute in digital form, perform and display your Art
>     Project in connection with, or to promote, the ArtBase.
>     You also agree that may use your name on the
> Web site, or in connection with promoting
>     the ArtBase. 
> reserves the right to make changes to your
>     Art Project as may be necessary to maintain the ArtBase,
>     including for the purpose of adapting it to changing
>     technologies. also reserves the right to
>     index your Art Project within the ArtBase, to remove
>     your Art Project from the ArtBase at any time or to
>     discontinue the ArtBase. will consider your
>     requests to modify or update your Art Project, but will
>     not be required to make any such changes. ...
>> ideas and suggests? post to
>what--and grant rhizome the non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, 
>royalty-free right to reproduce, store, modify, distribute in 
>digital form, publish, sub-license, make derivative works from, 
>perform and/or display my ideas and suggests? not on your life.

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