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[Nettime-bold] Borrow Up To 130% of Your Home's Value

For Homeowners Only

Save Now!

Are you in debt? Need extra cash? We can get you the loan you need. Regardless of whether you have good or bad credit, we can help you. 

We specialize in First and Second Mortgages, including loans that other lenders turn down. Funding borrowers with less than perfect credit is our specialty. We have loan programs that are unheard of.

Our loan programs can get you the cash you need for: 

Debt Consolidation Needs
Home Improvements
Dream Vacations
New Car
College Tuition
..and much, much more.

Incredibly low monthly payments Loans if you have hard to prove (Self-Employed) income Loans if you have collections, foreclosures, BKs or tax debts Loans if you're behind on your mortgage Loans up to 130% of your home's value

Fill out the fax application below for fastest service. You will receive immediate attention to lower your payments, help you get the cash you need or consolidate your debts. We can get you the kind of loan you are looking for. 

Whether your credit is good or bad, if you are serious about improving your lifestyle and need a loan for any reason, contact us now because we can get you the cash you need. We make the loans that other lenders turn down.

This form must be completely filled out. Please enter NA in those field which do not apply. 

Print this page and FAX TO: (509) 357-0766

Applicant First and Last Name:  ________________________________________________

Co-Applicant First and Last Name:  _________________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________________

City, State:  __________________________________________  Zip Code:  _______________

Home Phone:  _____________________________  Work Phone:  ________________________

Property Type:  Single Family Residence

Purchase Price:  ____________________________

Year Property was Acquired:  _________________

Present Value of Property:  ___________________

Amount Owed on 1st Mortgage:  _________________

Current Interest Rate on 1st:  ___________________

Fixed or Adjustable?  ______________

Monthly Payment:  ________________________

Second Mortgage Balance (if any):  _____________________

Current Employer:  ___________________________________

Years with Current Employer:  _________________________

Yearly Income:  __________________________

How would you describe your credit?  Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor

Best Time to Contact You:  ____________________________

Type of Loan Desired:  ________________________________

Loan Amount Desired:  _____________________

Email Address:  ______________________________________


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