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>Hello all, I'm just writing to say that electronic arts and theory 
>culture doesn't just mean using the net, but dealing with different 
>forms of cultural networks as well. Could it be a critique of 
>Bakhtin's notion of carnival culture in a post-industrial context? 
>Could it be a new form of cybernetic cultural production? If anyone 
>on the list is around the Detroit area this weekend I just wanted to 
>extend an invitation to you to come by the Detroit Electronic Music 
>Festival. They're expecting several hundred thousand people and 
>considering the fact that it's curated by some of the most dynamic 
>minds in American and international electronic music, I think that 
>it's a "live time" scenario of some of the issues that I see popping 
>up on the list. There's a truly diverse roster of folks 
>participating, and it's FREE. 

most dynamic minds in American quo! +?
du != kan b zer!ouz.

`and it's FREE` = ma! b dez!rabl konzult!ng 01 publ!k b!bl!otek
+ edukat!ng zelv apropoz FREE - ncezt paz mar!oneta +?

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