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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Apocalyptic Herd Instinct

At 07:11 pm +0200 27/5/00, wrote:
>Apocalyptic Herd Instinct
>Your Materials for March 24
>This is a Spanish Art Project. Spanish Art is the movement which arises
>from the ashes of Net Art. Replacing the old outdated term "net" with the
>newer and conceptually superior name "Spanish". The Spanish Artists, as
>distinct from the Net Artists, are in the process of spreading "Spanish
>Art"  simultaneous with the development of the "Spanish Art Style", which
>will, naturally, be unlike anything which has come before in any way. In
>order to organize this event, the Spanish Artists have chosen JULY 15 AS
>INTERNATIONAL SPANISH ART DAY. During this day, Spanish Artists around the
>world will act out parts of a complex Spanish Art ritual. Each artist, or
>"Spaniard", has been given a list of materials which must be used in this
>ritual. Your contribution will be to use your materials in a way which
>seems to fit with your concept of this growing, international movement.
>Please mail descriptions of what you plan to do, so they can be published
>on the, the forthcoming international Spanish Art site of
>multiple origins.

i will show my ass to chains of chavez

calamares rellenos con vino blanco

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