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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ has its +?

>2 questions before I send in the 800 dollars for the package. 
<[nato.0+55.modular ultra lux +? - has its +?]

i want more. do you. have. more +? [staccato]

>1. Max. screen resolution on 400 mhz pb g3 for smooth animation within nato
>construct, using nato as live performance tool - I don't want to write a
>post processor only a real time instrument.
>    given
>    200 megs ram, reasonable programming aptitude, patience, understanding
>that 24 bit color is not the only acceptable way to display imagery.

it is 24 bit [en fakt 32 bit - argb - alfa[romeo]]
performance depends on effects utilized + on codec +
on dimensions of image data processed. 

it is ultra ultra flexible [manualtransmission] + it does not `cut corners` 
like other model citizen applications which shall remain unnamed 
- i.e. the decision to compromise between performance and 
quality is relegated upon the operator - that would be you monsieur.

as it should be - my desires from yours differ + 1 of my desires that is.

the model citizen applications which shall remain unnamed are 

steim imagine   - ikk
steinberg xpose - ikk ikk
u&u videohippi  - ikk ikk

>2. 3d - and internet, does it really allow multiple inputs from http
>sources? can that be done real time?

oui.oui. biensur. 

>I understand you may ridicule or ignore, I am however not just a "visual
>concept" person, 

the principal input to the human brain is pictures
and the principal output is words.

thus to describe the human brain as a device for converting 
pictures to words one would receive 10 points on the richter scale.
aristotle stated that all human knowledge can be expressed in the form a = b.
nouns and verbs are separated from static image nouns.
separated in the retina they are reunited in speech.

nearly all human thought is pattern recognition.
there are four types.
   1 dimensional - music
   2 dimensional - fine art
   3 dimensional - human anatomy
   4 dimensional - physiology

1 general theory of pattern recognition is feasible - the sieve of eratosthenes.
2 aren't plausible.

>I am an artist and a  programmer.

i am a life form. and so are you.
ue = ztudentz ov memor! + our neuro b!olog!ez = komplementar!

ur zurv!vl dpndz on m!. m! zuzta!nab!l!t! = apropr!atd 2 u.
our enkountrz = dze gu!de poztz + ue = bg!n 2 knou uat 2 obzerv 
+ uear 2 akt.

now i am molten glass and as well are you.

when molten glass is cooled it flows gently. 
at some point it's essentially solid. unlike water which 
is either water or ice - glass smoothly changes from 
a fluid to a really slow fluid to a glass.

           moved you +?

           baccarat : beauty has its reasons.

>prenom nom

sch -



          ducess - dusess. ducess +? non - cardioid-billiard.
          a oui.  maintenant +? 

          hazt du geld +? ja.etvas. 
          n!cht zprechen.deklam!ren

                                 I have problems with corners in the worlds. 
                         Is this a bug ?

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


Netochka Nezvanova - 
01 splendid life objekt
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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