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[Nettime-bold] Station Rose - webcast Fahrplan 108 & the WELL

STATION ROSE STRreaming-Fahrplan update :

                 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here we are -  back@home in the gunafa studio after having been on the road
again for some time-
with hopefully new sun, wind, and plants ensemble avec new STR soundz &
-animations in realtime for webcast 108.

A) * - NetSTReams - Webcast 108 at <>

---> Webcast 108, WED/31.5.00, 9pm CET: Live Multimedia Jam Session

"morphing around the topic: AU CIEL" .

STReaming a la Station Rose, started in January 1999, blends performance,
lecture (STR in conversation with guests in the studio) and multimedia jam
sessions into a unique form of Net Art. 107 webcasts have taken place so
far. Main topics in the program of Station Rose webcasts are live-sessions
in realtime, where sounds&visuals are streamed from the studio into the net.
Acoustic highlights during this session are published on vinyl:
"live@home3", incl. remix by Move D to be released 22-6/00. label: gunafa,
distribution: neuton.

B) a little <ausflug> into the history of the net:
    2 weeks ago we got mail from the WELL about this schedule. we believe
you know about the WELL, one    of the oldiest  communites in cyberspace,
where station rose  is an online member since 91, and which today belongs
to the Salon.

    1985: Year of the Well
                              1986: Year of the Chaos
                              1987: Year of the Figtex
                              1988: Year of the Athenian Mob
                              1989: Year of the Unix Weenies
                              1990: Year of the Hosts
                              1991: Year of the Flames: STATION ROSE came in.
                              1992: Year of the Mo / Year of the Growing Pains
                              1993: Year of the Circumcision Thrash (<-
Oldtimers opens)
                              1994: Year of the Katz
                              1995: Year of Mandel & Jerry
                              1996: Year of the Engaged       |usps=\
                              1997: Year of the Mailtruck  ... o -- o
                              1998: Year Jax Left the Well
                              1999: Year of Salon

C) * -next  NetSTReams - Webcast 109 & 110 at <>
          SUMMER SLAM : Young Austrian Media Theory - Station Rose vs
Thomas  Feuerstein  vs
                                   Stefan Weber
           more details very soon.
---> Webcast 109, THU/8.6.00, 9pm CET: STR in conversation with  Stefan Weber
---> Webcast 110,  FRI/9.6.00, 9pm CET: STR in conversation with Thomas

                   Rose & Danner see the multimedia art of Station Rose as
a new development
succeeding Techno, where the artist and musician not create music and art
separately, but create their audiovisual content synced in real-time,
performing at different locations (hi&lo: underground, clubs, museums,
galleries, avantgarde-festivals), and publish in various media. STR was
founded in Vienna in 1988 by musician Gary Danner & artist Elisa Rose as a
public multimedia-lab. On from the beginning activities of Station Rose
spanned the spectrum of CD,- Vinyl- and CD-ROM-production,
artproduction, research on Virtual Realities to symposia, lectures,
performances in galleries, clubs and museums.  Station Rose Info: STR is
online since 1991 &  is one of the 1st multimedia bands in the world &
played at Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Viper, Museum Ludwig, Cyberthon,
XS &
Ultraschall, le Batofar, Museumsquartier, the Museum of Applied Arts in
Vienna, to name a few. Main publications: "Virtuelle Realitaet als Neuer
Grenzbereich-Research for the Austrian Ministry for Science and Research"
CD ROM 1992; "15 Years of Ars Electronica" CD ROM 1994; "1st Decade - Das
Buch" edition selene 1998; "Playing Now" Audio CD 1999. Gunafa Label
releases : gun05, gun06, gun007, gun08. A new book will be published in
October 2000.

next cooperations with Crippled Dick Hot Wax, berlin & International Deejay
Gigolo Records, munich as well as Move D/source records.

 The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the live-dates can be found at

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

stay with us
             station rose   5-2000

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