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[Nettime-bold] SPE Conference 2000

VOYEUR: The Fall 2000 SPE Western Regional Conference

"There are circumstances in which looking itself is a
source of pleasure,
just as, in the reverse formation, there is pleasure
in being looked at."

-Laura Mulvey

        Looking, watching, observing.
            Shy, nervous, aware.
                Caught, exposed, recorded.

The SPE Western Region Fall 2000 Conference is seeking
out all those who
are interested in addressing the voyeuristic aspects
of photography,
film, television and the web. Imagemakers, critics,
students and
professors, collectors and dealers, curators and
creators, we are
talking, arguing, discussing and debating the best and
worst, the
beautiful and the banal: scopophilia here we come!

We are also seeking proposals that address: writing
grants, approaching
galleries. commercial portfolio development. etc. We
will also accept
for revue proposals by image-makers whose work does
not perfectly match
this year's theme.

(soft) DEADLINE: June 30, 2000
Please include in your proposal a one page description
of your
presentation or panel and a short bio on the
participant(s), as well as
visual and other support materials and a SASE.

MAIL TO: Society for Photographic Education, West
Region Chair Tonya
Hough, 610 Cole St. #208, S.F., CA 94117

Questions regarding SPE membership should be sent to:

Conference is co-sponsored by and scheduled to be held
at the University
of California, San Diego campus in November.

Society for Photographic Education (SPE) is a
nonprofit, national
membership organization dedicated to providing a forum
for the
understanding of new and traditional photographic
media as a means of
expressing creativity and cultural insight.

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