data]h![bleede on Wed, 31 May 2000 03:29:59 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] drool[t]ing[lez] +duct[tape]ionz [N protonz N...]

thor[ugh]t eye'd start wiff the[elezznezz] ov droolin,
ro[wo]manticizm, gra[ph 2wards, n-side, with-in]fitti.....

2 droole is 2 paint a thousand glandularz in2 duzt, remove the conscious N
spit, pu.she the numbe buttone N wait, zelf-salivate, rewurk 2 the breathin
pointte, juice the l[og]ickin queue N hide the blast out.s[ch]ide the

ro[a]m.ovein izz a gate itzelf, bringin akward motional loadz the shappe ov
the etheral....

graphick...the wan.tonnes tumbelle N spilt on creazing, replayin the
joinne, the absence now stable, the act and it izz gooode, izz it [k]not[t]?


[thizz is the tumble of graffiti, the smear of thort.flit and markologiez
bound, the colour of the hip N the rhythm ov the hop.....a unit reversed N
atom broke, rejoined @ the lip ov sense N the t[aste]ongue ov sound without
the music tag N lab[ia]elle]

[my wurds r the misheard, songz played N lyrics chewed in2 the wrong,
non-lit[t]er[s ov young 1s]al...cut up wurds from pulp mags N muze, paste
em in2 a youthful clutch of terms N breaks...grab ah crayon N scrawl,
breaking the nub N pointte N gettin it all]


data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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