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[Nettime-bold] drool + tingles translation

thought i'd start with the impetuousness of drooling, romanticism,

to drool is 2 paint a thousand glandulars into dust, remove the conscious
and spit, push the numb button and wait, self-salivate, rework to the
breathing point, juice the licking queue and hide the blast outside the

removing is a gate itself, bringing awkward motional loads into the shape
of the etheral....

graphic...the wantons tumble and are spilt on creasing, replaying the join,
the absence now stable, the act and it is good, is it not?


[this is the tumble of graffiti, the smear of thoughts that flit and
markologies bound, the colour of the hip and the rhythm of the hop.....a
unit reversed and atoms broken, rejoined at the lip of sense and the tongue
of sound without the music tag and label]

[my words are the misheard, songs played and lyrics chewed into the wrong,
non-literal...cut up words from pulp mags and muze, paste them into a
youthful clutch of terms and breaks...grab a crayon and scrawl, breaking
the nub and point and getting it all]


data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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