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[Nettime-bold] invitation to use the superchannel studio in vienna is a tool that enables you to produce
internet TV with interaction by the viewers through chat and
discussion groups.

superchannel in Vienna
The studio is an open access situation, focusing on the current
political and democratic developments in Europe. Groups, institutes or
individuals that have a specific interest in the discussion can
broadcasts from here. We invite you to participate in the discussion
either through direct interaction during live shows, the discussion
groups or by making your own show.

We invite you to use the superchannel studio at kunsthalle Vienna in the
period 25 may until 17 september for your own activites and to get the
experience of webcasting, using the technology involved.

Visit the studio at kunsthalle vienna or book a broadcast via e-mail,
our e-mail is

- We would like to invite you to propose your own internet TV channel.
- Can superchannel be a tool for your own activities?
- if so, what would your reasons be for having your own channel?

superchannel is initiated by the artist group superflex from Denmark and
American programmer Sean Treadway. superchannel started in may 1999 in
Copenhagen with a public access studio and the invitation to make
TV. This studio existed for 2 months and there was a daily production of
6 hours of broadcasts, the users being dj's, scientists, artists,
psychologists and
others. A reflection on this experiment is the basis for the current
superchannel identity and functions, which will develop along with the
continued experiment.

Please forward this e-mail to persons who you believe will have a
interest in participating.

Best regards

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