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Press Release
cross female - Metaphors of the Female in the Art of the 90ies
30.09. - 29.10.2000

Künstlerhaus Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2, D-10997 Berlin

Guest exhibition by Galerie Pfefferberg / Pfefferwerk e.V
curated by Barbara Höffer and Valeria Schulte-Fischedick

Opening night: 29 September 2000, 20 hs
Opening hours: Wed - Sun, 14 - 20 hs
cross female presents the artistic works of over twenty international 
artists who are concerned with the representations of the female. At a 
moment in time when virtual identities have become more and more real,
exhibition questions the current discussion of the crossing of genders
thus relates to the most recent discourse within the area of Gender 
Studies. Since the category of the female has seemingly become uncertain 
cross female questions the shifts within the polar structures of the 
genders: Do the traditional metaphors dissolve or do they simply
in a different shape?

Interchanging relations emerge through the confrontation of the artistic 
works with examples from the worlds of fashion, publicity or pop
Josephine Starrs and Leon Cimielewski e.g. are concerned with new media
their latest interactive computer game: „Dream Kitchen" turns the 
traditionally female resort of the kitchen into an scary area. Gabrielle 
Jennings, on the other hand, thematises the production of gender images 
within publicity in her video installation "The Kiss". She demasks the 
advertised illusion as a product of hard work by the imitation of the 
models' poses. Alba D'Urbano is concerned with the world of fashion in
project "Il sarto immortale". She thematises the relation between the
the external image and technology by the cutting a second skin. Parts of 
"Il sarto immortale" will be shown in the public space of the city of 
Berlin prior to the exhibition.

The visitors of the exhibition are invited to participate in the
of cross female via our webpage www.crossfemale.de. It offers texts
the artists, background information and an overview on the accompanying 
events. The interactive forum and the collection of material from areas 
such as fashion, publicity, comic, science fiction or virtual
like the cyberlady Lara Croft are there for the public to investigate
topic further. The accompanying programme of events consists of a series
films and thematic evenings. A catalogue with texts by renowned
- Marie-Luise Angerer and Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky amongst others - will
available on the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition is kindly supported by the Stiftung Deutsche
Berlin (DKLB).
Thanks to: Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam, Pro Helvetia Schweizer 
Kulturstiftung, Haus Ungarn, Pride online, USM, Algonet und contrib.net.
cross female is partner of .Kunstherbst Berlin.

Participating artists:
Jenny Althoff  (USA) - Ghada Amer  (USA) - Claudine Brignot  (D) -
Buetti  (CH) - Patty Chang  (USA) - Margarete Dreher  (D) - Alba 
D´Urbano  (D) - Ĺsa Elzén  (S) - Kirsten Geisler  (NL) - Antje 
Heinemann  (D) - Lynn Hershman  (USA) - Gabrielle Jennings  (USA) - Zoe 
Leonard  (USA) - Natacha Lesueur/Bruno Pelassy  (F) - Lotte Konow Lund
- Regina Möller (D) - Victorine Müller  (CH) - Hajnal Németh  (HU) -
Németh  (SK) - Maya Rikli  (CH) - Sam Samore  (USA) - A. Elsa 
Schindler  (D) - Gertrud Schrader (D) - Cornelia Sollfrank  (D) -
Starrs/Leon Cmielewski  (AUS) - VNS Matrix  (AUS)

We are happy to send you further press material and pictures.
Contakt: Katrin König, Press- and Public Relations

Tel: +49 (0)30 44 383 499   Fax: +49 (0)30 44 383 101   E-mail: 
crossfemale@aol.com    URL: http://www.crossfemale.de
Galerie Pfefferberg / Pfefferwerk e.V.    Postfach 54 01 20    D-10042 
Berlin    Germany


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