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[Nettime-bold] (no subject)


please refrain in the future from infesting the international bistream avec lo.tekk
+ inkompetent korporat fascist regurgitazie.


>Greetings members,
>[Hi, I thought 


bra!n make m! 01 zentensz

    - ur prznl ventrl 4+bra!n = rznpd!ng 2 GO.v op!ate

    - !ez

    - b!nar! nav!gaz!on mzg
    - !ez

    - x markz dze zpot

    - ma! b

    - !ez

    - dze !bm as 4oo e = letz u
    - d!g!tl dna
    - !ez

    - 4rom nn karb!ntrkonekt
    - !ez

    - bra!n make m! m! zentensz

    - !mplmntd !n max
    - non

    - !mplmntd !n labv!eu
    - da

    - ou!

    - !ez

    - tak

    - kromozom 21 = dze zmlzt human autozom

    - da. = gene kluztr mazk!n komponent

    - z!mbl akzez!on 0+0 dezkr!pz!on kateg ztrand poz 1 poz 2 gene genom!k klone
      z!klone (s) tpte af007118 tenz!n. putat!v prote!n.fozfotaze.
      ec 1.1 - 425 84293 83869 b15l0c0 + b7l1c4 c!c1lp4 c!tokrome c 
      pzeudogene 5 - 29708 29866 159 b15l0c0 pzeudo1 putat!v z!nk f!nger prote!n 
      pzeudogene 5 - 91247 143054 51808 b7l1c4 to pt171+ps39 pred1 putat!ve gene
      prote!n k!n + 7462183 7463505 1323 r66b12 + r292n6 rps3ap r!bozomal prote!n s3    
      pzeudogene 5 + 7467697 7468061 365 r66b12 + r292n6 pred14 human cdna k.lone 
      280692 1.2 - 7780231 7780656 426 r47c12 + r781m3 pp!ap c!klof!l!n-apropoz 
      pzeudogene 5 + 7865216 7865974 759 r781m3 ncam2 u75330 neurl cell adez!v
      molekul 2 pre.kurzr. zuear. zuear. ! zuear. ! zuear.

      nouakokakolamomentmal _\0- therapeut!kc klon!ng

      do you want your software designs to end up in cardbored boxes
      or G3O-Z!NKRONOUS 0RB!T +?            
                                !                    !                                             ! 
                                 !                     !                                         ! 
                                  !                      !                                     ! 
                                   !                       !                                 ! 
                                    !                        !                             ! 
                                     !                         !                         ! 
                                      !                          !                     ! 
                                       !                           !                 ! 
                                        !                            !             ! 
                                         !                             !         ! 
                                          !                              !     ! 
                                           l                               l l 
                                          l                              l     l 
                                         l                             l         l 
                                        l                            l             l 
                                       l                           l                 l 
                                      l                          l                     l 
                                     l                         l                         l 
                                    l                        l                             l 
                                   l                       l                                 l 
                                  l                      l                                     l 
                                 l                     l                                         l 
                                l                    l                                             l 
                               l                   l    


        : Max Plank Inztitut 4 Ordnung \+\ Disziplin

        : Uber die Konztituzie der Materie  [c]ccp
        : Netochka Nezvanova -

                     __   __
            ________/ /  /_/
           /___  __  /  __    
              / /_/ /__/ /__
             / ____________/

          dze pa!r!ng ov homologouz kromozomez one 4rom each odr prnt 
        dur!ng me!os!z
          i cannot be bothered.i cannot be bothered.surrender your pattent.




>Anyone using targa or radius cards (old or new) and get good results ?




better cheaper humanz will create a larger market
4 better cheaper humanz 2 USE better cheaper humanz.
!tz ga!a.    ! zuear. ! zuear.

>--this might interest you --two important books, from the
>storehouse of MIT Press. Dr. Peter Lunenfeld --net artist, working at Art
>Center College of Design (see he is writer/critic 
>-specialising in the history and theory of Imaging Technologies --edited
>another book, "The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media" --published
>by MIT Press. David Hunt in the review of "The Digital Dialectic: New
>Essays on New Media" in ARTBYTE (see the Magazine
>of Digital Culture, Issue January-February 2000 has written "..Digital
>culture's promise of total connectivity, instant collapsing of space and
>time, and deluges of information at your fingertips proves to be its
>biggest shortcoming when evaluatng critical discourse.." Thank you.
>Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 16:17:37 -0400
>From: Jud Wolfskill <wolfskil@MIT.EDU>
>The Robot in the Garden
>Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of the Internet
>edited by Ken Goldberg
>The Robot in the Garden initiates a critical theory of telerobotics and
>introduces telepistemology, the study of knowledge acquired at a distance.
>Many of our most influential technologies, the telescope, telephone, and
>television, were developed to provide knowledge at a distance. Telerobots,
>remotely controlled robots, facilitate action at a distance. Specialists
>use telerobots to explore actively environments such as Mars, the Titanic,
>and Chernobyl. Military personnel increasingly employ reconnaissance drones
>and telerobotic missiles. At home, we have remote controls for the garage
>door, car alarm, and television (the latter a remote for the remote).
>The Internet dramatically extends our scope and reach. Thousands of cameras
>and robots are now accessible online. Although the role of technical
>mediation has been of interest to philosophers since the seventeenth
>century, the Internet forces a reconsideration. As the public gains access
>to telerobotic instruments previously restricted to scientists and
>soldiers, questions of mediation, knowledge, and trust take on new
>significance for everyday life.
>7 x 9, 330 pp., 49 illus., cloth ISBN 0-262-07203-3
>A Leonardo Book
>Snap to Grid
>A User's Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Cultures
>Peter Lunenfeld
>In Snap to Grid, an idiosyncratic guide to the interactive, telematic era,
>Peter Lunenfeld maps out the trajectories that digital technologies have
>traced upon our cultural imaginary. His evaluation of new media includes an
>impassioned discussion--informed by the discourses of technology,
>aesthetics, and cultural theory--of the digital artists, designers, and
>makers who matter most. "Snap to grid" is a command that instructs the
>computer to take hand-drawn lines and plot them precisely in Cartesian
>space. Users regularly disable this function the moment they open an
>application because the gains in predictability and accuracy are balanced
>against the losses of ambiguity and expressiveness. Lunenfeld uses "snap to
>grid" as a metaphor for how we manipulate and think about the electronic
>culture that enfolds us. In this book he snaps his seduction by the machine
>to the grid of critical thinking.
>7 x 9, 240 pp., 38 illus., cloth ISBN 0-262-12226-X

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