Judit Takács on 18 Aug 2000 23:39:19 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] updates on chris' case

updates on Chris' case

in the last two days - following the investigations by a journalist -
Meeus contacted Chris and offered to settle the case out of court

chris' case is not closed yet though: after personal negotiations now it
the lawyers' turn to make final arrangements and go on with the
unavoidable legal
procedures. unfortunatelly, even though chris did not do anything
illegal, it seems
that according to Dutch regulations it is your own responsibility to
keep track of your
bank accounts, correspondence, addresses etc. of course, no one will
force you to
follow these rules but  if you do not follow them, you have to face the
and we all know that the 'legal system' and 'fairness' (or what we
perceive as fairness) are not necessarily synonymous terms.

cheers and many, many thanks for everyone's support


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