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Just | like | yet | another | indiscriminate application of the usual
flimsy smart-ass extended postures and *poof* hey it's another quick
business-porn issue. Be always LOUD LOUD (never-ever listen; spread the
grease; hide what you don't want to begin to learn); 
never-share:suck-cash; do-be fashionably (tragically-late-80s) pop-ironic;
do-be a way-cool, pop-pale syncophant; be paid; please. Please.
Deist Deities: the simpliest test for any futures game consists in finding
out whether it might predict the Past: but did small errors of assumption
- miscues in the Continuous Conversation - propagate through the system,
breeding phantom spikes and dives, nonsensical artifacts, Spurious Squalls
from out of the Blank Boundaries of forecast... every cripplied life a
restored landscape. 

Art explodes at exactly the same moment as tool-based culture.
Pictures were the tools that enabled human liftoff:
The Ur-tech that planted the idea of a Separate Symbolic existence.

The curator's interest in the wrongly discarded...

yeki bood. yeki nabood.
yeki bood. yeki nabood.
yeki bood. yeki nabood.

(it was so. it was not so.) Knowledge returned, civilization's bad penny,
even this late in the scheme of things. It played and replayed the rote
vignette: armies firing on unarmed crowds. 

What's for lunch?


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