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[Nettime-bold] 100 Photos of Two American Intellectuals...

August 20, 2000

Cary Peppermint & 
Christina Mohammed

"100 Photos of Two American Intellectuals From The Dead Center of
Contemporary Western Culture. Welcome To The Occupation."

Cary Peppermint and Christina Mohammed were chosen by Transgressive Art
International out of 500,000 artists symbolically representing a
multi-cultural divertissement of wildly different, innovative and cutting
edge modes of contemporary fashion and world-style.  Peppermint and Mohammed
were asked to create a collaborative exhibition of contemporary art
photography on the site of their choice.


The project is a culmination of a 17-minute work executed by Cary Peppermint
and Christina Mohammed in Peppermint's NYC studio upon the artist's harried
return from a trip across middle America.  Through a canny series of events
best described as "culturally-schizophrenic" the artists were unable to
"find" themselves anywhere in America (from sea to shining sea). The work
documents the artist's frenzied attempts toward liberation of their latent
images.  These "exposures" were taken with a Casio QV3000-EX digital camera
then uploaded to where one may, "Store all your pictures for
free, forever!"

This project was made possible by the faith and foresight of "no one" and
"nothing" in an attempt to locate these words with a precision or stark
sensibility that most minds refuse to calculate lest their personal
narratives become unraveled, unruly and a "lifetime" reveal itself devoid of
any tangible concepts of "worth" or value attributed to and transferable in
an economic system of commerce and exchange which equates success to the
accumulation of goods and services that far exceed function, use and


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