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[Nettime-bold] The Week Of Small Miracles (London, 1-9 September)

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Friday 1-  Saturday 9 September 2000

The Week of Small Miracles is a Millennium project curated by Peter
Cusack and produced by the London Musicians' Collective, realised in
and around North London's River Lee.

This event celebrates the unique, often bizarre, geography, culture
and history of the people in the Lee Valley area.  It is a
collaboration between artists across the media; performance, writing,
visual art, sound/music, video and participatory events. There will be
an exhibition, Colourscape music, the Small Miracles free newspaper
and website, an audio CD of Lea Valley sounds and stories, a treasure
hunt and a boat travelling down the canal which converts into a cinema
by night.  Featuring Anna Best; John Bisset; Rupert Carey; Peter
Cusack; Simon Faithfull; Ella Gibbs; Mss Producers; Viv Corringham;
John Wynne; Jeff Higley; Tomoko Takahashi; and Colourscape.

A vast sculptural environment full of musicians and artists, drawing on
performers from the local ethnic communities and running the whole of the
first weekend of The Week of Small Miracles.
Sat	2nd Sept	Jeff Higley (Tibetan singing bowls) and Viv Corringham
			(voice).  Plus recordings of Lea Valley sounds.
Sun	3rd Sept
			At 2pm and 4pm: Kurdish music by Muslum Calgin and
			At 3pm and 5pm: Mass Producers: 20-strong saxophone
			and vocal ensemble, performing a new composition for
			Colourscape by Caroline Kraabel.

Permeable Sanctuary	All week at any time in the evening along the canal
in Lea Valley Park
Sound artist John Wynne will make small-scale sonic interventions at
strategic locations during the week. Using electronic reminders designed
especially for each site, this diffuse sound piece will unobtrusively but
poignantly address the encroachment of sound signals from the surrounding
urban soundscape into the Lea Valley Park.

Springfield Treasure Hunt
Saturday 2nd and Saturday 9th September
Springfield Park
For children and spirited adults.
Track down the Violinic Spider, play a Windmill Trombone and unearth the
sleeping Gialophone. Unravel the Spider's Histories of the Valley, discover
wildlife - hunt with your ears, eyes and imagination. Prizes! Prizes!
Prizes! Music! Music! Music!
Start at the Riverside Café (next to the Rowing Club, opposite
the Marina), at the bottom of Spring Hill.
Collect a map / tasksheet anytime between 1.30 and 4pm.
Train: Clapton
Bus: 253 to Upper Clapton Road

Underneath the Arches
Saturday 9th September 4pm
Walthamstow Marsh
Six musicians playing and singing in different combinations in the unique
acoustic spaces underneath the Walthamstow Marsh viaduct. The performance
is devised and conducted by Caroline Kraabel (sax/ voice), featuring
Charlotte Hug (viola / voice), Sylvia Hallett (violin / voice), John
Edwards (double bass / voice), Hannah Marshall (cello, voice) and Phil
Wachsmann (violin/voice).

Night Stop Cinema
4th - 8th September
For five days, Ella Gibbs will take a trip down the Lea valley on the boat
'Jubilee', stopping daily at different places. Each night the boat will be
converted into a cinema.  Night Stop Cinema Programme includes selected
'favourite' feature films of residents and workers in the Lee Valley area,
and short films made by independent film makers and artists.
Date		Place			Nearest transport
Mon	4th	Cheshunt Lock	Cheshunt Station
Tues	5th	Under M25 Bridge	Waltham Cross Station
Wed	6th 	Picketts Lock		Bus 363 from Tottenham Hale Tube
Thurs	7th 	Stonebridge Lock	Tottenham Hale Tube, Bus 363
Fri	8th	The Robin Hood	Clapton Station, Bus 253

Ghost House
Friday 1st September 6pm - 11pm
2nd - 9th September 11am - 11pm
The Robin Hood, 11 High Hill Ferry, Upper Clapton E5
Artists Anna Best and Rupert Carey have hired the Robin Hood function room
for an exhibition resulting from their ongoing investigation of ghostly
phenomena. They are collecting ghost stories and information for
publication.  Info: contact Rupert on 020 8690 9989 or email
rupert.carey@virgin.net. Train: Clapton; Bus: 253 to Upper Clapton Road

"It" Games
Friday 8th September 10.30pm
Springfield Park
Following the final Night Stop Cinema (outside the Robin Hood), featuring
Tomoko Takahashi.

Small Miracles on the Web
Lee Navigation by Simon Faithfull
www.smallmiracles.org.uk / leenavigation
Lee Navigation is an internet based artwork which reflects this enigmatic
region. Combining simple line drawings and text, Lee Navigation weaves the
echoes of 'real' space to form a strange inverse image - scrolling from the
source to the mouth of this river system.
River Lea -  Source and Mouth by John Smith
www.smallmiracles.org.uk / sourceandmouth
A short video juxtaposing views of the source and mouth of the River Lea.

Week Of Small Miracles Newspaper: 20,000 copies will be distributed free
throughout the Lee Valley. As well as providing a map and programme of
events. The  newspaper will include commissioned writing by local poets and
historians, artists' contributions and much more. Plentiful colour

CD  release: The Horse Was Alive,  The Cow Was Dead: A CD of sounds,
stories and people along the Lea Valley - recorded by Peter Cusack. Seventy
minutes packed with extraordinary audio. Nightingales beside the humming
substation...  The bag of gold...  Canalside incidents...
Two headless bears... Robin Hood Karaoke... Mass football... Rowing boats
from underwater... Walthamstow Marsh dawn chorus... Coots fighting... and
much more!
£5.00 during The Week Of Small Miracles from Colourscape, the Jubilee boat
or (post free) from LMC Ltd, 3.6 Lafone House, 11 - 13 Leathermarket
Street, London SE1 3HN.

Ed on 020 7403 1922

London Musicians' Collective Limited
3.6 Lafone House, 11-13 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3HN
Tel: 0207 403 1922
Fax: 0207 403 1880
Registered charity number 290236

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